Week 23rd September


Grade 5 have been so lucky during our unit on migration to welcome a range of guest speakers to share their primary knowledge with us all. First Mr Tri shared his memories of being a child refugee, then Darin (Brandon’s dad) talked about his work with World Vision. Then Ms Koong told us about her work in a refugee camp. This week was the turn of Jenifer (Ella’s mum) who shared her experiences of helping in the Immigration detention center. All of these first hand accounts have really helped the students to understand the issue of migration from differing viewpoints. We are now leading up to the students sharing  what they have learnt in a variety of ways.

In Literacy we are nearing the completion of our diary study with the students writing and rewriting their own diary entries incorporating all of the features they have been investigating for the last few weeks. we are really looking forward to reading the finished product.

Prime numbers and exponents have featured heavily in this week’s Maths work. Understanding what a prime number is and how we can find them using our multiplication tables.  Also what we need to do to a number if it is squared or cubed.

Grade 5 were very pleased to receive an invitation from Grade 4, this week, to take part in an activity about how animals adapt to their environment. This proved to be a learning experience for all. We thank them for allowing us to participate in their research and we look forward to finding out about the conclusions they made.

Map Tests begin next week these are for the students to show us where they are so that we can support their learning even more, for this reason it is important for the students to be present on the days the tests are set, please see timetable below.


Class Reading Language  Maths 
G5A September 30th October 3rd October 9th
G5B October 1st October 7th October 10th
G5C October 2nd October 8th October 15th


Finally congratulations to Joshua in 5A, Felina 5B and Chloe 5C for being presented with the Quality Learning Certificates this week for Striving for understanding. Well done to all. Who will it be next?


Upcoming Events

  • G3-G5 Map Testing: September 30th-October 11th
  • School Closed in remembrance of HM King Bhumibol 14th October
  • School Closed October Break 21st -25th October
  • Parent Teacher Conferences 4-8 November
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