Week 30th September

It has been such a busy week in Grade 5. We have been finishing our diary extracts and preparing our end of unit sharing of knowledge. The students have had some choice as to how they want to present this so have chosen to do so in a variety of ways including posters, films, animations, dioramas and slide show presentations. These will be shared throughout the grade in the coming week.

The refugee diary extracts which the students have been writing are now nearing completion. Some of these have been so moving they have even brought a tear to Mrs Carole’s eyes.  This short extract from Fang Fang’s diary will show you why.

When night fell, I waited until my dad and the stranger fell asleep, I wanted to be alone and in a quiet place for sometime, I looked up at the starry sky, it reminded me of how my mom used to cuddle me in my bedroom. The breeze swept on to my face, suddenly, I saw my mom with my sister waving at me. I ran to them crying with my arms opened for a hug, but a force pulled me back, my sister and mom were going further away from me when I suddenly woke up to see my dad’s face, I looked around for a sign of mom and sister, but they were nowhere to be seen, the little hope that was in me was drained out immediately. Sadness overcame me and I stood up, we were on land with nothing but wood on the floor. I knew we had arrived.  by Fang Fang

All diaries will hopefully be completed next week ready to share.

The students have a much clearer understanding of what exponents are now so we are ready to move onto a unit about time in Maths and will be investigating strategies to find elapsed time.

Next week we will be starting our new unit about Climate change based upon the UN’s global goal 13 Climate Action.

Map’s test will continue as per the timetable below.

Class Reading Language  Maths 
G5A September 30th October 3rd October 9th
G5B October 1st October 7th October 16th
G5C October 2nd October 8th October 15th

Upcoming Events

  • G3-G5 Map Testing: September 30th-October 11th
  • School Closed in remembrance of HM King Bhumibol 14th October
  • School Closed October Break 21st -25th October
  • Parent Teacher Conferences 4-8 November
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