Week starting 4th November

A diverse week

It was so lovely this week welcoming parents in to discuss the learning progress of their children. We hope that you found these meetings as valuable as we did. Discussing learning goals with both parents and students, this week, has enabled us to direct the student’s learning forward, all working together.

The students have been so lucky this week, as when the teachers were talking to the parents, they had focused lessons with Ms Kirsten, where they completed the marshmallow challenge using collaboration and thinking skills, Mr Eric who helped them to practice their communication skills, sending messages digitally in different ways and with Ms Lindsay who gave the students the opportunity to practice their research skills. All great skills which will be needed when the students start work on their exhibition.

Our climate change unit is drawing to a close with the students really understanding the big ideas, helped by our guest speaker on Monday Ms Linn who talked with passion about how she had set up the Bangkok climate change protest.  At her first meeting only a few people arrived and then more and more so that over 300 hundred people arrived at the last protest showing the importance of commitment to a cause and perseverance. Hopefully inspiring grade 5 with her words. Next week we will be moving onto our ‘How the world works’ unit about Energy and Matter.

After some discussion, the teachers have all decided that the main focus for this half term across all lessons is to be reading for understanding. Which means more reading will be taking place in the classrooms with much discussion and answering of questions about this reading. We are also strongly encouraging the students to read more at home and to discuss their reading with their parents, friends or siblings. This will promote their learning throughout the curriculum. Questions they could be asking themselves or having others ask them are linked here.


Books for birthdays

Ms Lindsay and Ms Earth would like parents to donate books to the library instead of having cakes for a child’s birthday. The gift of reading will be passed on by this gift,many times over. Please try to support this initiative.

Persuasive texts are still the focus for Literacy- how to argue convincingly to put across a point of view both verbally and in a written format, this will continue into next week.

In Maths, we are coming to the end of our work on Time, and have been looking at real life problems using timetables and schedules for buses, trains etc to calculate the time it takes for particular journeys. We will soon be moving on to investigate data.


Eight of our Grade 5 Girls delighted us with their dance moves on Wednesday Morning. So good were they that Dynamix won the primary competition for KIS.  Congratulations should go to Cali, Ninny, Kaede, Chloe, Mikli, Proud, Ishita and Kana.

Residential trip. This is sure to be a rewarding learning experience for all the children. Please return Confirmation letter   and Medical form as soon a possible. Any questions please feel free to contact us.

Influenza update

Upcoming Events

Loy Kratong  11th November. Thai clothes may be worn.

Parent Forum November 11th

KISPA  Meeting 12th November

G5 trip to Sunny Bang Chak 20th November

Residential permission slip to be returned by 4th December

School closed in remembrance HM King Bhumibol’s birthday 5th December

End of term 1 13th December


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