Week starting 2nd December

Still busy!

The students in grade 5 have had another very busy week investigating forces and how materials change from one state to another. Their experiments have continued and their knowledge of the scientific process is developing. More experiments to come.

In maths we have been looking at how data and graphs can explain real life issues, we will continue to work on this and find out how averages help us to organise  data.

Narrative writing has been the focus in our Literacy lessons, investigating how to create an atmosphere using figurative language.

Four members of G5B took part in the Maths challenge against 11 other International schools on Wednesday 4th.  They were ably supported by the majority of the rest of the class who worked with all of the teams to ensure that the teams had everything they needed. All students  showed what an asset they are to KIS. A special mention and congratulations on their 6th place position goes to the team members Pann, Pinn, Tong and Sofi.

As an end of term treat grade 5 will be having an end of term party on the afternoon of Wednesday 11th December. We would really appreciate any gifts of food that you feel you could provide for this.

Good news – Mr Nic has undergone his operation and all seems to have gone well. He is now out of hospital. We wish him well in his recovery and look forward to seeing him back next term!

Books for birthdays

Ms Lindsay and Ms Earth would like parents to donate books to the library instead of having cakes for a child’s birthday. The gift of reading will be passed on by this gift,many times over. Please try to support this initiative.

Upcoming Events

Grade 5 Party Wednesday 11th December

End of term 1 13th December, 11.30 am

Term 2- 6th January


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