Term 3 Week 1 20th- 24th April

Welcome Back

It was so brilliant to be able to talk again with the students today and to find out about all of the interesting things  they have been doing over the break. Just because we are in our homes does not mean that Grade 5 can not have fun. Some of grade 5 took the time to bake.

drawing (6)

Kenji I really enjoyed making a cake with my dad because we communicated and shared our ideas and had to calculate how much stuff we needed and the first time we failed because the batter was too small then we made it the second time 

It looks so tasty Kenji it is a shame we could all not get to try it.

Chloe My favorite part of the Songkran break was making cheesecake. It was delicious but I would make it a little less sweet. We took a risk in making this cheesecake because we had to make it gluten-free for my mom (she is allergic to gluten).

Other students were more arty  Sofi and Ella  and Cali

drawing (7)drawing (8)drawing (12)








Some students played games

drawing (9)

Nabila This is my mom, my dad and I playing Catan with the Explorers and Pirates expansion. We never played with the expansion pack before, so we were learning and we had to restart one time because we were playing while my dad was still reading the rules, and we had already missed some other rules before so we just gave up on the game and tried again. (My mom won, by the way. She never plays games with us but whenever she does she always wins. And I came last. Yay.)

drawing (10)


Sophia played with her dogs.

drawing (13)

Eve took the time to grow plants.

drawing (11)

And some student’s showed their caring natures. Thee

drawing (14)

We are so pleased that all of the students have been so active, creative  and caring over the break and now appear to be ready for learning in our new term.

Term 3 Remote learning

The students will get daily plans on Google classroom but the weekly plan can be seen both on the home learning page and here. Please encourage your children to undertake all of the tasks set and to join the chats with their teachers when scheduled.

We hope you have a great week.

Any questions please contact Ms Carole, Ms Rachel or Mr Nic.

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