Term 3 Week 2

Earth Day poem by Ella

Everyone should help

Action is important

Realize what we are doing

Think of ways you can help

Help and participate


Do something about it

Ask questions about what other people are doing

You can help too

Fang Fang

Everyday, we pollute the Earth 

As the Earth gives us life and chances

Remember this is the only planet we can live on

Thus we still don’t care about it

Has the world done something to deserve this?

Day by day, creatures on this world are dying one by one

And we still haven’t done anything to help them

Yet are we so blind that we can’t even see the world dying.

As you can see the student’s had a busy week creating posters and poems based around Earth day. Learning how to track their own impact on the environment with their Carbon foodprint and to take action. They also started work on their maths unit investigating perimeter, area and volume.

It was wonderful to talk to so many of the students face to face to be able to answer their questions about the tasks they have been set and to discuss how they are feeling about online learning, the world and the need for haircuts! The students have been given three avaialble timeslots to talk with their teacher it would be great if they could be available for all of these.

The new type planner seems to be a success, with the children thinking it was much clearer for them to understand and some parents liking the facts that they new the whole week so that they could help their child to be organised and prepare ahead. The planner for Term 3 week 2 is  in the homelearning link. The student’s also have a meeting time with their specialist teachers so please encourage them to attend these as well as their meetings with their grade teachers.

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