Term 3 Week 3


This week the students have started to look at their new unit of inquiry about governance and to get them started we asked them to post their own house rules. We hope you enjoy looking at the selection above.

This unit is a small 2 week unit but will incorporate  the self directed  task of creating a 3d model of a two diverse civilisations. The students will need to decide on how their countries will be governed and the rules and punishments needed in order to do this. They will also be faced with a crisis  which they will have to govern through, all of their information will be added to their own slideshow ready to be assessed using the given rubric on Friday 8th. We are asking the students to take a great amount of ownership of this task, to decide on their own time management and to be creative with their choices, this is all to encourage them back to an exhibition frame of mind, as we will be returning to this the following week, in readiness for their online exhibition on 21st  and 22nd May. More on this next week.


The maths tasks have been a mixture of theory and practical activities this week and have centered about volume and area With the students using real life objects in real life tasks to investigate this a subject. Please see photos below.


The students have continued this week to investigate a variety of poetry formats which have covered mainly environmental themes.

Zijian’s Traditional Cinquain 

      Hi Earth 

Are you warming 

Thicker goes your Blanket 

As your atmosphere rapidly



Phat’s  Diamante Poem


 Round, Large

Warming, Destroying, Changing

Animals, Humans, Trees are living thing

Helping, Cleaning, Saving

   Awful, Polluted


Next week’s tasks include a revision Maths task and more poetic styles to try out.

As teachers’s, we have really enjoyed spending face to face time with the students and the specialist teachers timetable to do the same if here. Please encourage your children to take advantage of the times offered to them by their class teachers and the specialists.

We would also like to invite the parents to a zoom meeting on Wednesday afternoon at 1pm. This will be an opportunity to ask questions about the exhibition process, on line learning and any concerns that you may have. All three grade 5 Class teachers will be available to answer your questions. We ask that this is a parent only meeting on Wednesday.


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