Term 3 Week 4


The students spent last week working on their Governance UOI creating some impressive  countries with a leadership structure, laws and systems of punishment. Faced with a global pandemic they then discussed the ways in which their fictional countries would have responded. The understanding of many of the students was very high and they showed independence with their varied interpretations of the given task.

This week, exhibition preparation is back, as the exhibition will now take place online on 21st and 22nd May.  The children will spend four days this week preparing their space and what they will include in their verbal presentation.

On Friday of this week there will be a fun, community event ,spirit day, more on this from Ms June.


The students have now completed their online post test on geometry and angles and this week will undergo their pre -test based around volume, area, coordinates and negative numbers. They will then spend the rest of the week inquiring into negative numbers.This is their last main area of mathematics to be undertaken this term.


The student’s poetry tasks are now complete. This week’s focus will be preparing their speech for the exhibition remembering to include all of their research notes in their presentation and incorporating persuasive techniques before rehearsing takes place next week, to ensure that the children’s speech is clear, that they maintain eye contact with their audience and that  their presentations are engaging.

This week tasks are here. The specialist’s face to face time is here and the children will also have face time with their class teachers.

We would also again like to invite the parents to a zoom meeting on Wednesday 13th May at 1 pm. We enjoyed talking to the parents who attended last week and who had some very interesting questions.  Unfortunately we have been informed that recording these meetings and sharing this with other parents is against Thai law so if you cannot make the meeting please try to contact with someone who can so that they can share the information talked about.

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