Term 3 Week 5

 It’s Exhibition Week!

So it has been a long time coming but we are finally at exhibition week. It will look a little bit different to originally planned however it will still be a brilliant showcase of the student’s learning  based upon the central idea  Self expression can empower people to create change’  showing the connections to the student’s own passions. The students will have Monday – Thursday to finalise their videos ready to put them on the PYPX Padlets making sure that they have checked all things on their checklist and reflected on the PYPX rubric. Please encourage the students to wear their PYPX  t-shirts if they possibly can, in their video. Thursday and Friday will be an opportunity for the students and others from the community including parents to watch the videos and to ask further questions. The students will then respond to these questions and reflect on the learning process.


This will be linked to the exhibition and be focused on how to write a script and to deliver a speech, thinking about drama techniques as well as how to be persuasive and informative in an engaging and entertaining way.

However just before we leave poetry a few words from Nabila to remind us what is important


A place,

That we all love,

A place that is nice, calm,

Comforting and familiar,

Your home


From Monday – Wednesday this week the students will carry on looking at measurement in particular capacity- the measurement of liquids and weight- the measurement of mass.

Spirit day

Last week many of the students took part in the spirit day activities. They all appeared to have a great day we hope you enjoy the photographs.

Primary Virtual After School Activities

Please press on the link above to see this information.

Daily Planners

This week tasks are  here. The specialist’s face to face time is here and the children will also have face time with their class teachers. Please also encourage your children to contact their mentors.

Parents meeting

We would also again like to invite the parents to a zoom meeting on Wednesday 20th May at 1 pm. We enjoyed talking to the parents who attended last week and who had some very interesting questions.  Unfortunately we have been informed that recording these meetings and sharing this with other parents is against Thai law so if you cannot make the meeting please try to contact with someone who can so that they can share the information talked about.

As there will be no scheduled three way conference this term please contact your class teacher if you would like to arrange a time to discuss your child’s progress  with them and your child.

Thank you for collecting the students bags hopefully they will make use of the items contained inside.

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