Term 3 Week 6

Wow what an exhibition! 

We had tea rooms and pyramids, dance moves and gaming techniques, there was so much to listen  to, read and watch in the exhibition last week. The students did a brilliant job in a difficult situation but all managed to upload some evidence of their learning to the Padlet. They were also great at asking and answering questions from their parents, staff members and peers. Thank you to all parents and staff who visited and for your thought provoking questions.

If you have not visited the Padlet yet, it is so worth a visit.

After all that excitement, we are giving the students time to reflect and to tidy up your homes before we start our final unit about rites of passage with a focus on transitioning to the MYP This will start on Tuesday. The weekly planner is here.


Last week we were learning about how to measure Capacity and Mass and how to convert between standard units of measurement. This week it is the turn for length. this will lead up to the final test of the year. Before we spend some time investigating probability in the last few weeks of term.

Friday is house day

Please wear house t shirts. More on activities later.

G5 Graduation -Hot news

Graduation  will now take place on Thursday 4th June  face to face in the school car park!

We are so happy to have been allowed access for Grade 5 to have a graduation to mark the end of the student’s time in PYP. Thanks to all for helping to accommodate this in these difficult times.

We will need to abide by social distancing rules so

Graduations times as follows

G5B – 8.30 – 10.00

G5 A -10.30 – 12.00

G5C- 1.00 – 2.30

We are asking for all children to wear school uniform and masks will need to be worn.  Students will be asked to sit on a chair awaiting their time to go onto the stage.  Photos will be taken on the stage with masks  alternative photo opportunities for parents  and students will be available.

All classes will need to vacate by their designated time to keep to social distancing rules.

The student’s are so looking forward to seeing their friends and being able to attend this important rite of passage together. We do hope that they can all come.

Primary town hall 

Primary Town Hall, Friday, May 29 9:00am – 10:30am

Zoom link: 


Parent’s zoom

The Parent’s zoom meeting will take place this Wednesday 27th June at 1 pm as usual to discuss Graduation.

End of year talent show

For more information here

Please sign up here

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