Term 3 week 8

G5 Graduation 2020

First  of all we would like to thank everybody, for allowing the children to participate in their face to face Grade 5 graduation. The students were really keen  to see each other and we were pleased to see them. This will be an event they will remember in the future, not many student’s will have had such a unique occasion. We hope that the plaque and certificate have been put into a prominent position so that they can be celebrated for the learning done this year. If you would like to view your own child’s photos please follow the links below.





However we are not done with this year yet. The student’s did a great job interviewing two MYP students last week. Thank you to Alexandre and Bay for helping us with this. This week the students will continue to investigate the differences between the PYP and the MYP.

IMG-20200608-WA0004 IMG-20200608-WA0002


This week the student’s will be using their knowledge of probability to create some games. We look forward to playing these.

Plans for this week are posted on the home learning page, have been emailed to parents and are on the google classroom for students.

Exploration day

Thanks to Ms Kirsten for organising this day for the students to do something new. We hope they all enjoyed being independent learners.

Parent’s zoom

There will be a parent zoom meeting this week on Wednesday 10th June to say our thank you’s and goodbyes for the holiday.The zoom link will be sent in the morning.

End of year talent show

Many of the students have signed up for this so it plans to a great event, if your child has not done this yet please encourage them to so so before Friday. Everybody has a talent!

For more information here

Please sign up here

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