Home Learning (Emergencies)

Dear students and parents,

Please follow the teacher’s email instructions and check your google classroom page as you will find the instructions for your learning there.


We look forward to seeing you in school soon but in the meantime, please see the information below for some activities you can complete at home. Your homeroom teacher will be available during school hours to offer you feedback and answer questions by email. In addition, you can also visit the Visual Arts, Music, PE, Thai/TAL and ICT blogs for more activities. See you soon!

In the Event of an Emergency Closure

School closed

 Emergency closures can happen any time throughout the academic year with little or no advanced warning. In the event of an emergency school closure, the safety and well being of all community members is a priority. It is recognized that emergency closure only happens during crisis and that format, responses and staff/student availability will depend on the reason for closure.

The school will endeavor to provide the most up to date in formation for all families in relation to the emergency situation/closure. In the event of a closure, the school will provide opportunities for home learning to minimize the impact the closure may have on student’s learning.