Thanks for lending a hand..!

Thank you to all our wonderful parent and children helping hands yesterday after school. It’s so great to know that the parent community is so supportive and helpful and the Grade 5 area has a spectacularly spooky feel!


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Halloween is coming..

UPDATE: MAPS summaries are now available on your child’s Managebac Portfolio page.

We hope you had a wonderful break! The students have come back full of festive energy and we are busy making preparations for Friday’s activities. Please remember, if you have any reservations at all about your child taking part, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher.

This week we are wrapping up our second unit Human migration affects communities, cultures and individuals and students are being invited to share their enduring understandings from the unit’s inquiries.

In Maths we are switching back to a focus on how the base 10 place value system extends infinitely in two directions allowing us to explore how to read, write and model addition and subtraction of integers (negative numbers). We will also be inquiring into the measurement of time while investigating how to interpret and use timetables locally and globally under the conceptual understanding that conversion of units and measurements allows us to make sense of the world we live in.

As we move into our third unit our reading and writing focusses will switch to non-fiction. Please help us to ensure that your child maintains a balance to their reading at home – it is helpful for all students to spend time reading both fiction and non-fiction books and our library has a great range of both genres.

Have a great week!

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A week of amazing visitors!

Contrary to what many people say, you should believe the Hype! Last week we promised a week of amazing visitors and boy, did the KIS community deliver…

IMG_0906On Thursday we loved making musical connections to our unit Human migration affects communities, cultures and individuals when we learnt about how Mac and Quadasi, our visitors from Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa have enhanced traditional Maskandi Music with western rythyms and influences. Or was it the other way round? Either way, it sounded wonderful and was a great example of the effects of our central idea.

IMG_0959The following day we welcomed author Jamie Yorke into the Grade 5 classrooms for some engaging and highly developmental writing workshops. The workshops focussed on the skills of making connections to the texts we are reading and thinking about how to use these connections to develop engaging characters for our own stories.

And to cap it all off we had a visit from the MYP teacher Mr Tri. His presentation about his personal migration journey really engaged the imaginations, curiosity and empathetic natures of the students and again was a powerful opportunity for students to make many powerful connections to our unit.

During this week students will undertake some assessments to assess their development with our Maths focusses of how patterns can often be generalised using algebraic expressions, equations or functions and investigations into the properties of prime, composite, triangular and square numbers. We will also be using the recent MAPS test data to help your child continue to develop their mathematical strengths and weaknesses and to develop some personal goals for improvement. As always, our growth mindsets tell us that it’s not that we don’t know it, we just don’t know it YET!

Have a great week!



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Oi Referee, Handball!

IMG-8293As a spectator it was really wonderful to see the G4/5 handball tournament on Friday. It was a tremendous display of house spirit, teamwork, communication and some dazzling skills that have been developed in the KIS PE programme. It really made us want to have a go… maybe that should be the teacher Vs parents game for this year?!

Last week all G5 students finished sitting their MAPS tests and results will be uploaded to Managebac soon, as well as being discussed at parent conferences this week. This is a good opportunity to set learning goals for your child and these will be discussed in class over the coming weeks.

Our exploration of Migration journeys continues this week and children are developing a deep understanding of the different push and pull factors that comprise the Reasons for migration. On Friday we are looking forward to a visit from an MYP teacher with a personal story to share that will also help us delve into the Impacts of Migration.

In Maths we are exploring pattern and function involving investigations into the properties of prime, composite, triangular and square numbers. In Language Arts we continue our focus on narrative writing and developing figurative language and are already getting excited about our workshops with visiting author Jamie Yorke on Friday. Oh, and there’s also the visitors from another continent on Thursday too! Busy week!

IMG-8292A final reminder that the Primary book fair is here and the choice of books is amazing. Please feel free to send your child to school with a little spending money.

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Migration journeys

As we continue with our inquiry into how Human migration affects communities, cultures and individuals Grade 5 students have been developing their global geographical knowledge and exploring different types of maps. It has been very interesting to discuss the different points of view: from being surprised by the actual shape of Antarctica to wondering why global maps are not Asian-centric?

Over the coming week we will begin to plot a range of migration journeys onto maps which will be used as powerful reflection documents. Please be ready to discuss your personal migration journeys with your children and help them to understand any journeys their ancestors took too. We will also invite children to interview members of our school community to discover who has the most diverse learning journeys and begin to explore how each person’s journey has affected them as individuals.

On Friday it was a pleasure to take a back seat and watch the Grade 5 House captains take over and deliver our first House Assembly. They did an amazing job! On Friday 5th October it will be another house T-shirt day and G5 will be showing their house spirt while taking part in our first inter-house event of the year. Please come along to support if you can, between 12.10pm and 1.30pm at the MYP basketball court. Hope to see you there!

A reminder that Parent Conferences will be on 8-10th October next week and sign up sheets are now posted outside the classrooms. Feel free to email your child’s homeroom teacher if you need any help.

Finally, MAPS sessions will continue this week and outside of testing sessions lessons will continue as normal. In Maths we maintain our focus on how patterns can often be generalised using algebraic expressions, equations or functions. In Language Arts we continue to use guided reading groups with structured and supported activities to support your child’s reading progression and in writing we will continue with our focus on narrative writing.

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Undertanding the MAPs…

On Friday Grade 5 took part in a challenging and thought provoking provocation that helped us to tune into our central idea Human migration affects communities, cultures and individuals. When they returned from lunch they discovered the Grade 5 classrooms were closed and that they had to ‘find somewhere else to be’. Gaining entry into other classrooms was governed by rules such as ‘you can come in if you are in Tosakan house’ or ‘….have long hair’. The resulting process of acceptance and rejection led to some very interesting connections to our unit and discussions about the effects of migration on individuals and communities.

This week students across the grade will be taking part in MAPS tests for Mathematics, Language and Reading. The dates of your child’s test have already been shared with you and are also here for your reference:

Copy of Schedule for MAP testing Fall 18 19 For Parents (1)

Your child can prepare for testing by spending time answering comprehension questions on RAZ KIDS, using IXL and also using  which has practice tests that can be completed online.

Please help reinforce the school message of being committed to doing our best whilst focussing on how the results can be used to help your child’s learning move forward. MAPS is one of the tools we use to help us assess your child’s learning and to formulate objectives, goals and support plans to help them continue their development. Some pressure and stress is almost inevitable in a testing environment but please help us to keep external pressure at a minimum. If you are worried that your child is finding testing especially stressful please don’t hesitate to contact your class teacher.

In addition, parent conferences will be taking place in the w/c October 8th. Sign-up sheets will be available in the PS Office on September 27th and 28th for families with more than one child in Primary School. Sign-up sheets will be posted outside classrooms from October 1st –5th.

Outside of testing sessions lessons will continue as normal. In Maths we maintain our focus on how patterns can often be generalised using algebraic expressions, equations or functions. In Language Arts we continue to use guided reading groups with structured and supported activities to support your child’s reading progression and in writing we will continue with our focus on narrative writing.

Have a great week!

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Welcome back!

As promised this week we are getting our teeth into our second UOI of the year. This week we will be tuning in to the related concept of Migration and sharing our stories from our homework last week. We will also tune into the theme for this unit: Where we are in time and place, and collaboratively generate the questions that will drive our inquiry.

Last week we spent some time creating eye catching salt bottles that connect to our understanding of the Learner Profile. Check out your child’s Seesaw to see more.

In Maths we have begun focussing on how patterns can often be generalised using algebraic expressions, equations or functions. This unit is a great opportunity to appreciate the true beauty of Maths (it’s there if you look hard enough!) as we explore patterns in square numbers, prime numbers, the fibonacci sequence and many more… What’s your favourite number pattern? If you have one you think we should explore, please email Mr Alex

We hope you all had a wonderful long weekend, and enjoyed the time with your family. On Thursday last week all KIS teachers and staff were lucky enough to take part in a Professional Development day. As part of our professional community and our commitment to being lifelong learners, teachers shared their passions on subjects such as Reading progression, Maths assessment and creating beautiful artwork with wire. Proof, if it were needed, that you are never too old to learn something new!


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Short and sweet

Another great week last week, capped off by the most wonderful assembly. Grade 5 really kicked the year off for the whole school with the message of Knowledge, Inspiration and Spirit. Well done to all students who took a starring role this time and we look forward to challenging each and every child to take an active role throughout Grade 5.

As promised, for anyone who missed it, here’s the slideshow and some photos:

A reminder that this week will be a much shorter week with the school being closed on both Thursday and Friday. The homework going home today is due NEXT Friday, September 21.

In Maths this week we are busily assessing our developing skills and knowledge from our first unit exploring how The base 10 place value system extends infinitely in two directions. When we return after the long weekend we will be switching our focus to how patterns can often be generalised using algebraic expressions, equations or functions.

We will also be embarking on our second unit of inquiry. More details on that when we return from the holiday.

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Full speed ahead!

Just a quick update today as the blog has been busy lately!

There’s been a great sign up to Seesaw, if you are still having trouble please contact Mr Alex on Please remember to make lots of comments, and to think about extending your child’s learning with some of our growth mindset questions.

It was great to see so many of you at the coffee morning on Friday. Here is the slideshow for anyone who missed it:

In addition, here is the slideshow presented by Khun Amalee and Khun Ort last week. It really opened some minds to another idea of what community looks like in Bangkok.

Finally, please join us in congratulating our new house captains: Bia, Poon, Olivia, Melvin, Mai, IP, Namo and Alex. And an extra shout out to those children who applied but had to miss out this time. The sense of community was on full show in Grade 5 as those dealing with the dissappointment were supportive, and supported by, their peers. We look forward to a wonderful house spirit in KIS throughout the year.

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Having trouble signing in?

Dear Parents,

In response to some feedback at our coffee meeting we’d like to share this link which may be useful for any of you who are having issues logging in or signing up for Seesaw.

In addition Mr Eric, our ICT integrator will be running a drop in Q&A session as soon as all Grades have begun posting to Seesaw and we will share the date of that as soon as we can.

If you have any further issues please contact Mr Alex on with some details and he will try to help!

Also, please take a moment to fill in Ms Daisy’s questionnaire by scanning the QR code here or in the primary atrium.

What do you think a caring community should look like_ (1)

Great to see you all today and have a wonderful weekend!

The Grade 5 Team


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