A wet end to the week…

Last week was a great celebration of Literacy around the school. We saw a huge turnout of costumes on the Character dress up day and all G5 students brought in and talked about their favourite book even if they didn’t dress up. This week we continue the literacy focus by celebrating Poetry in Grade 5. From today all G5 students will have a poem in their pocket and throughout the week we will hold impromptu reading and sharing sessions. This will help us explore our Language objectives of Using figurative language appropriately in writingcomposing different forms of poetry including free verse and those with specific structures and reading for enjoyment and pleasure.

When we ask “What is Poetry?” we often get stuck with concepts like “Should it rhyme?” Instead in Grade 5 we are asking “What can poetry do?” When we ask that question we thinkIMG_1899 about what poetry does: it suggests things, it expresses beliefs, emotions, it plays with words, it can be personal or abstract and it can capture moments. Here’s a poem we shared in 5C last week, what does this poem do for you?






In Maths we continue our focus on describing and interpreting different data sets in context and understanding that mode, median, mean and range can summarise a set of data.

This morning Khun Ta kindly visited us and made a short presentation about the Graduation Party. Here’s the slideshow she shared:

Finally, please don’t forget that the PYP swim gala is on Friday from 10am-11.20am. Hope to see you there!

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Welcome back

We hope you had the most wonderful holiday! We’ve all returned full of energy and enthusiasm for our last term of Grade 5 – and we have a lot of awesome stuff to do!

This week we will be starting our new unit Government systems influence the lives of citizens, inviting us to explore the function of rights and responsibilities and to consider the effects of systems on a local and global scale. It’s a great time for your child to take an increased interest in current affairs around the world to help them make connections to their in-school learning.

Homework is issued today as we return to the normal weekly cycle. However, as mentioned earlier in the year we are beginning to vary the deadlines of some assignments to help your child prepare for Grade 6. This week is KIS Book Week and tomorrow (Tuesday) we are inviting all children to come to school dressed as their favourite book character. They can also bring some spending money for attending the KIS book fair in the primary atrium.

Have a great first week back.

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Happy holidays!

Have the most wonderful break. Here’s something nice to leave you with (thanks Jane and her mum):

And something not so nice (remember MAPS tests will be taking place on the week commencing 13th May), here are some good links for online practice over the holidays:

Language use (Grammar) on Khan Academy

Your child’s personal IXL Diagnostic

Prepdog (Reading (Under RIT Quizzes), Language Use, Maths example tests)

IXL Language Arts



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…well, not quite. What an amazing experience to be part of PYPX2019. There was such a wonderful atmosphere on Monday evening at the official event. The performance in the auditorium was tear jerking and powerful and the level of engagement back in the classrooms was truly inspiring. Thank you to all guests and an extra thank you to all those parents who helped organise such a delicious array of snacks. And a huge WELL DONE to all the G5 students!

As a teacher it is sometimes easy to lose sight of the journey of the exhibition – in supporting the children, and thinking about deadlines we can get caught in a bubble. So it was fantastic to hear so many positive reviews from parents last night. Parents spoke glowingly of the level of understanding, commitment and passion they had seen in the children. Thank you for sharing!

We’re ready to go again this morning and as I type we are awaiting G4, our first guests of the day. We are sure they will leave our classrooms inspired, excited and full of ideas for their turn next year. They’re even coming with clipboards to take notes.

Over the last 3 days of the week we will be engaging in some reflection activities and reflecting on the journeys we have all been on. The growth of understanding during their inquiries is in many cases quite breathtaking and part of our reflection will involve helping your children to understand the skills and approaches to learning that helped them to make so much progress. We will also be formulating goals for the future, and taking a look into the future when we visit the MYP Personal Project!

Here are the videos we shared as part of the performance in assembly. Enjoy watching at home!

And last but not least, the Trailers!
Once again, thank you for all your support in this process and have a wonderful Songkran break.

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5, 4, 3, 2, 1… The official invite!

G5_PYPX 2018-19-1

Artigras was great fun last week and full of creativity and collaboration. During the week it was lovely to see many G5 students join Mr Matt for his lunchtime workshops and also find the time to create hundreds of origami pieces with Ms Daisy. We look forward to seeing them all displayed in the atrium soon. In addition we all enjoyed Ms Lynn’s flashmob, the Thai Cultural performance and the festivities in general!

As you know, we are nearing the finish line and getting ready for hosting you all on the evening of April 1st! The students have a busy few days ahead of them as they put the finishing touches on their displays, finish organising their interactive activies and rehearse performances. At the same time, the inquiry process is of course ongoing and many students are finding out new things every day, conducting research, going on trips and taking action. We can’t wait to see you all and share the amazing learning that has gone on during the Exhibition process.

As mentioned last week our Maths focus has shifted to investigating how Data can be presented effectively for valid interpretation and communication. This links powerfully with the Exhibition and will continue until the Songkran break.

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2 weeks to go

Only 10 school days to go! Things are really starting to heat up and every minute counts at this stage! The students are getting excited about the prospect of sharing their inquiries and their team work skills, cooperation and organisation will be tested during the run in to April 1st.

Last week we undertook our assessments on our unit how fractions, decimal fractions and percentages are ways of representing whole-part relationships.. This week we will be reflecting on those assessments as well as moving forward onto a unit that will really help us sharing our exhibition inquiries as we explore how Data can be presented effectively for valid interpretation and communication. 

It was an exciting start to the week as the Artigras Assembly kicked off a week long celebration of the Creative Arts. Throughout the school this week there will be creativity every lunchtime with Battle of the Bands, Busking, Drama performances and a collaborative Origami exhibit too.

Have a great week.

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3 weeks to go…

So there are just 15 school days till the Exhibition and things are really starting to take shape. Don’t forget that your child can use the homework as a guide for activities/tasks that they could be spending time on – it’s available on the blog, just click on the page on the right of the screen.

This week we will be doing summative assessments to assess our growth within the exploration of how fractions, decimal fractions and percentages are ways of representing whole-part relationships. Next week we will shift our focus to data handling, building on previous learning to help the students apply their Maths skills to their exhibition inquiry.

Once again, at this stage, your child should have a clear idea of their Lines of Inquiry and be able to communicate their plans for a next step. If you have any concerns over your child’s progress, please don’t hesitate to contact one of us! Here is the rubric as a reminder of how we will be assessing your child’s exhibition:

Sharing the Planet PYP EXHIBITION Rubric for Grade 5 KIS

Have a great week.

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Rolling along

Exhibition keeps rolling and the inquiry gets deeper and deeper. It’s great fun to see the iterative process resulting in a deepening of understanding. This week our students have been using the “I used to think but now I…” prompt to help them identify just how much they have learnt so far.

Thanks to all the parents who are helping to continue learning at home from helping to organise trips to taking your children to sustainable cafes where the plastic bottles are made from plants!

Our Maths focus continues to be exploring how fractions, decimal fractions and percentages are ways of representing whole-part relationships. A reminder that your child can be building their skills and knowledge at home using IXL and that Khan Mappers is great preperation for the MAPS tests that will be coming up later in the year.

Students are starting to get creative too and thinking about how to build in their Visual Arts learning in their presentations and displays through Canva. Many children are also using their creative writing skills to share what they have learnt.

Please don’t forget the Charity book drive. Ask your child for more information.

Have a great week!

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Trip of a lifetime…

…it most certainly was! It was so exciting to be part of an experience that combined taking responsibility and taking risks, from packing bags and thinking about safety and survival, to climbing ladders and starting fires this trip had it all. We hope you enjoyed it from a safe distance!

As you know, all the photos are available on the SEA blog and students have been invited to share any photos taken on a personal device so that they can be added to a google drive folder for all to see.

Back in class it took half a day to get back to the business at hand: our exhibition inquiries. Hopefully you are starting to have increasingly powerful conversations with your child at home. Your child should be familiar with their Lines of Inquiry and be able to tell you about HOW they are inquiring and WHAT they are finding out.

As part of homework over the coming weeks we will provide some prompts for the students. Your child might be ahead of the tasks we suggest or have fallen behind but the homework sheet can be used as an optional scaffold for your child’s inquiry. This week’s focus is on Primary research sources (as opposed to Secondary, or Second-hand) and the prompts remind children to think about the following:

  • Have you contacted an expert to interview?
  • Have you conducted a survey or an experiment?
  • Have you organised a field trip?

A combination of First-hand and Second-hand research is essential to help form a balanced and informed understanding of inquires before choosing how to take meaningful action. Feel free to contact your child’s homeroom teacher if you are unsure about how to support your child with their inquiry.

Have a great week!

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Countdown to residential

An incredibly short week this week and the main topic of dicussion is “Are these sturdy shoes?!!”. Yes., it’s residential from Wednesday to Friday and the teachers are just as excited as the children (and the parents?!)

Briefing & Packing List_G5 Residential trip_Khao Yai

If you find you are confused by the packing list in any way please help develop your child’s responsibility and independence by encouraging them to speak to their homeroom teacher. Of course, we are just an email away if you are really unsure (PS a good pair of trainers counts as sturdy shoes).

Please help us foster a balanced approach during the residential by ensuring no secret electronics make it into bags and please remember that ALL food including snacks will be provided so your child doesn’t need to bring a suitcase full of candy!

It will be a wonderful trip and a great blend of challenge and risk taking – for the students going, and the parents being left behind. SEA will be communicating daily with all parents with updates, photos and videos and we hope you don’t miss your children too much!


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