VR Ancient Civilization

As a provocation for their new unit the grade 4 students had a VR field trip about Mayans and Aztec and their Ancient Civilization.


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We are in 2019!

We are very excited to start this new year!

Students are improving so quickly that we need to give them more challenge so;

What to expect?

  • Augmented Reality projects
  • Virtual Reality projects
  • STEAM projects
  • Coding
  • Gamification
  • Video creations

And so much more !

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A very successful Hour of Code

Students were able to show their coding skills and discover more things you can do with it!

Physical computing was very engaging and we will integrate more of it the next UOI.

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Christmas Tree gift giving

Christmas tree reminder

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EY1 Can code

EY1 students were introduce to the basics of coding with Cubetto.
A story based adventure made possible with the help of the PYP Tech Team!

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Kodable with KG

We are using Kodable to introduce the coding basics with KG students. A great start and more to come!

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G3 VR Volcanoe Expedition

An amazing Google Expedition about volcanoes with Grade 3 Students and Teachers.

A special thanks to the PYP Tech Team for their support.

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G4 Tynker Coding

The Grade 4s were very enthusiastic with Tynker coding. Some great coders are in these classes even the beginners were creating great animation scenes.

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Awesome KIS

Awesome KIS!!!

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KIS PYP Internet Safety

KIS PYP  Internet Safety Website

Is Internet safe for PYP students?
How much screen time should you allow?
What are the good/safe websites?
What the good/safe apps?
How to you use parenting settings?
And so many more questions!

There is no exact answers to those questions.

The best answer from my perspective; Just be cautious.
Internet is like a big city, it’s like Bangkok; full of wonderful places and opportunities for learning but not safe everywhere. A child should not be online by himself without any supervision either physically or electronically.
However no one is saying that it’s easy but hopefully this New Website will be a useful tool to help parents, educators and students finding the appropriate resources to enjoy the Web in the safest possible way.
If you navigate to our Resources page, from the top menu, you will find multiple sites and apps that we are using here at KIS and you can always see examples of what we are doing on this Blog.
But for now I would suggest that you start by exploring this Home page and please do not hesitate to ask me any further questions.
Best regards
Eric Nadeau, ICT Facilitator

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