Week #13: Nov. 12th – 16th

Unit of Inquiry: How We Express Ourselves
Yesterday, Avani’s mom came to KG to do a presentation on Indian dance. It was a wonderful learning opportunity for the students to understand how dance can be part of culture, religion, storytelling, and expression of emotions.

IMG_0221 IMG_0226 IMG_0227 IMG_0237

Thank you, K. Pari, for taking the time to share this with us. And a special thank you to Avani for being a risk-taker and getting up in front of the whole class to show us the dance.

Last week we attended the So You Think You Can Dance! competition in the auditorium which was hosted by KIS.

KIS entered 3 teams in the competition, one for each age group (Primary, Lower Secondary, High School). KIS dominated final results with some fantastic performances. Primary “Dynamix” won Primary and Overall, Lower Secondary “L.O.D.” won Lower Secondary, and High School “The Illusion” finished 2nd in a very tightly contested High School group.

Literacy & Math in Kindergarten
This week we have begun incorporating sentence writing into our daily data, making connections to the day of the week.

Students are also practicing how to write sentences, expressing how dancing makes them feel.

* * * * *


Resolving Conflict with Kelso’s Choices
Part of learning how to solve problems using Kelso’s Choices is recognizing what those choices are and how they are used.

Below is the third and final video showing examples of how we can use Kelso’s Choices to solve small problems. Please review it with your son/daughter.

Q1: Which strategies were used to solve small problems in the examples in the video (you can refer to Kelso’s Wheel below to help you remember)?

Kelso's Wheel1 (LGS)

  • Go to another game
  • Talk it out
  • Share and take turns
  • Ignore it
  • Walk away
  • Tell them to stop
  • Apologize
  • Make a deal
  • Wait and cool off

* * * * *

Library Books

Bookbag Bookbag2
Please return library book folders on Friday morning.
Thank you.

* * * * *

Internet Safety
Mr. Eric has created a website with some helpful resources about internet safety. Follow the link below to have a look!

* * * * *

Important Dates

Fri. 16th Nov.: Divali celebration at KIS

Fri. 16th Nov.: Parent Forum (8:00 – 9:30am in the AP Room)

Thu. 22nd Nov.: Loy Kratong (students are invited to wear traditional Thai Dress)

Fri. 30th Nov.: House Spirit Day (Please wear house shirts on this day.)
Erawan Hanuman Tosakan Naga

Fri. 30th Nov.: Parent Forum (8:00 – 9:30am in the AP Room)

Wed. 5th Dec.: SCHOOL CLOSED
In remembrance of HM King Bhumibol‘s birthday

Mon. 10th Dec.: PD Day (Professional Development)
SCHOOL CLOSED for students

Fri. 14th Dec.: G3 – G5 Holiday Concert (End of Term 1)
(Half day for students: Dismissal time to be announced)
KG will not be performing at this concert.
EY – G2 performances will take place at the end of the school year.

* * * * *

A Few Friendly Reminders…

PS Parent Forum

Divali Celebrations

Diwali (English: /dɪˈwɑːliː/) or Divali is from the Sanskrit dīpāvali meaning “row or series of lights“. The conjugated term is derived from the Sanskrit words dīpa, “lamp, light, lantern, candle, that which glows, shines, illuminates or knowledge” and āvali, “a row, range, continuous line, series”.


 * * * * * * * * * *

KIS Guidelines for Uniform and Accessories

At KIS, all students are required to wear the school uniform. KIS values and respects individual preference on uniform accessories: however, it is equally important that the selection of uniform articles should correspond to KIS student unity and characteristics, promoting a sense of community in an educational setting.
Guidelines can be found in the KIS Family Handbook 2018/19.

Classic sandals; closed shoes; trainers. No flashing lights. If your child cannot tie shoe laces, it is recommended that they wear shoes with Velcro straps.

Black or white only

KIS hats. These are available at the uniform store on campus.

Nail Polish / Tattoos
No nail polish or tattoos (including sticker tattoos)

Small, simple, safe, and appropriate

For safety reasons, only necklaces (for religious reasons). They can easily be caught on the play equipment. Students should not bring non-essential items to school.

Hair Accessories
Small, simple, and either black, white or blue (school uniform colours). No character/animal headbands or large colorful bows/ties.

Sweaters and Jackets
Only KIS jackets. These are available at the uniform store on campus.

Only KIS swimming attire for classes during the school day. Students may wear non-KIS attire for after school swim classes.

Thank you for your cooperation.
KG Team

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