KG Artifacts

Dear Parents,

Thanks so much for the wonderful Cultural Showcase yesterday in KG. It showcased all of our student cultures in such a visual manner. A special thanks to our KISPA reps for taking the organisational lead on the event.

It is now time for your child to select an artifact for our inquiry ‘Family Histories’. Artifacts should showcase your family’s culture. Yesterday gave many students support in identifying the different connections that can be made and the different items that could be used as artifacts. It could be as simple as bringing a flag to represent your culture or two flags if your culture is a combination of different countries. When your child has selected their artifact please help them to complete this google survey to explain their artifact in more detail. The two questions they will need to answer are;

Key Concept; Form – What is your artifact?
Key Concept; Connection – What culture does it represent? (A Thai flag would represent Thai culture)

Submit your child’s artifact information on the google form here.

We can then celebrate all of our cultures in the KG classroom.


KG Team.


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