KG Emergency Shutdown Post

Dear Parents,
To keep the KG program running during the pollution closure please access the following tasks that are included in your home learning packs (pictured below) that were sent home to all students this afternoon.


Unit of Inquiry – Artifacts: Quite a number of students are still to select an artifact for our inquiry “Family Histories”. If your child is yet to select theirs please do so during these next two days. If your child has already selected and brought their artifact into school then could research another artifact and bring it to school after the shutdown. Their second artifact could represent another element of identity/culture. The elements of identity we have researched are Plants, Games, Dance, Language, Music, Art, Clothing, Money, Food, Animals, Flags and Buildings. Additional shutdown research task…….Have we missed any????

Home Learning Package (contents)
Unit of Inquiry:
Each student received 2 blank country flags to colour in and then to research 2-3 facts about that country. The flags/research need to be returned to school and we will use the flags to celebrate 100 days in school.

ORT Reading Books:
Extra home reading books have been sent home. These books represent a higher reading stage than normal for your child. It will give them the opportunity to further explore how to gain meaning from story illustrations and to tackle unfamiliar text. These books are meant for fun reading explorations and can also be used for adults to read to children.
Oxford Reading Tree can also be accessed online for further explorations and reading inquiry

Kids A-Z: The next 2 days will be a great opportunity for students to further explore Kids A-Z. All students should know their passwords to login to their personal accounts (if you get stuck with a password email your teacher for help). Reading this way gives teachers the opportunity to track which books students have explored and to feedback on their progress.

Specialists & ICT: All specialist classes can be accessed via their blog pages, in addition Mr. Eric has extra resources that can be accessed here

Letter Formation: Students will have received a handwriting practice sheet with high-frequency words on both sides. Remember to use finger spaces and keep the letter shapes within the lines.

Students received a sample Daily Data sheet with information to be completed for Thursday and Friday.

The Thai Department have included Home Learning for both Thai and TAL. Please open the relevant documents.TAL KG-Home Learning (1) TAL Unit-Our School (KG) Learning Slide Thai Home Learning KG 2087_001. Please click on the relevant class to access.

Please return all contents of the Home Learning Package on Monday.

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