KG Classroom Speakers

Dear Parents,

Thursday February 21st is “International Mother Tongue Day” at KIS and Grade 1 are running an initiative for parents of all grades to read on the day their favourite story in their native language to a range of different classes. Please sign-up for this if you are interested.

In connection to this KG would love to have some guest speakers in the KG class to share either their favourite story/book or a time-line of their life where it documents the different cultural elements in their family and where they came from. We have found in the past that guest speakers are a powerful learning tool. We plan to run this starting Monday February 25th until Friday March 1st. If you can’t make it that week it can be the week after, we would just like to get as many different experiences for the students as possible.

Please contact a teacher asap if you would like to be a ‘Risk-Taker’. We have many different times available so we can accommodate many different options.

We look forward to many positive responses.

KG Team

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