Task Four

Summative task – Book Creatormzl.cmghiaoh.175x175-75

You and your partner will each make a booklet. You will need

  • a blank book with 6 – 8 pages and a front and back cover.
  • to have space on each page for a drawing/picture/logo/symbol and some writing.
  • to create the title on the cover: _____________ and your name.
  • to draw a picture/icon/symbol of the category
  • to write a 3 – 5 sentence paragraph of facts about it in your book after you learn about each category and Dewey with
    • a topic sentence
    • 3-5 detail sentences and
    • a concluding sentence.

When you have learned about all the different categories and your booklet is complete, share it with your partner and the class.