Super 3

Using the Super3 Information Skills:  Family Histories

Task #1 Plan:

 Define the task: You will be creating a family tree. You will write a research report that describes your interviews, research,  and ways to present your tree.   You will use your report form to complete a rough draft.   You must write your report in your own words and you must cite your sources.  Edit and revise your rough draft to produce your finished report. Next  type your finished report.  The last step is to evaluate your work using the research report rubric.   You will be given time to complete your project in both the library and computer lab over the next several weeks.  If more time is required, you will need to work on it at home.

Information Seeking Strategies:  Resources to use include books, encyclopedias, and internet resources.

Location and Access:  These resources are located in the library, the computer lab, and from the library blog.  To find information in books be sure to use the table of contents and index.  Use keywords to find appropriate websites.