Your job, as one of the theme park experts (Ferris, Rocket, Slide, Roller) is to design a theme park using the Dewey Decimal System as a guide.

Your theme park expert team will:

  • Research the Dewey Decimal Classification System to gain the background knowledge you will need to complete DeweyWorld to your client’s satisfaction.
  • Create DeweyWorld Theme Park toyour client’s criteria: design 10 areas, one for each of the 10 major Dewey Decimal System Classes (000s to 900s). Each area should include a minimum of five (5) different attractions (rides, concessions, entertainment, etc.) found in that Dewey class.
  • Create a map of your DeweyWorld Theme Park foryour client.
  • Create a final presentation of your DeweyWorld Theme Park (Google Slides) for Syour client. After this final, he will decide if your theme park expert team will be a “good fit” for DeweyWorld.

I hope your theme park expert team is ready for this job. It’s a great opportunity to earn a large amount of money AND to further your reputation as the leader of theme park development!

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