Kids A-Z

Online Running Records

Online Running Records are one part of a three-part process to place students in instructionally appropriate level texts and determine whether students are ready to move up a level. We can use this data to validate, monitor, and instruct student progression over time. Kids A-Z leveled books are mapped to support MAP RIT levels, Lexile levels and PYP Language Scope and Sequence.

How to Use Running Records

Use the three-part assessment process at the beginning of the school year to place students into appropriate texts, and use the process throughout the year to monitor students’ progress. Use the schedule below to assign assessments as students complete self-paced assignments at each reading level.

  • Assign a Benchmark Passage that best approximates a student’s reading level
  •  A recorded retelling and comprehension quiz are automatically assigned for the passage you select.
  • The next time a student logs into Kids A-Z, they will see the Flight Check icon and can access their assignment.
  • You listen and score the running record and retelling after a student submits the recordings to your Kids A-Z In Basket.


Assessment Schedule

Early Emergent readers Levels aa-C every 2 to 4 weeks
Emergent readers Levels D-J every 4 to 6 weeks
Early fluent readers Levels K-P every 6 to 8 weeks
Fluent readers Levels Q-Z every 8 to 10 weeks

Note Students who are not progressing at the expected rate should be assessed even more frequently than the Assessment Schedule suggests.

Place and Move Up Students

Use the chart below along with the information in the Assessment Report to determine if students are ready to move up a level. To move a student up levels in Raz-Kids, select the appropriate level from the student’s Kids A-Z profile page to create a new self-paced assignment at the student’s developmentally appropriate level.


95% + 100% Advance Student a Level
95% + 80% Instruct at this Level
95% + <80% Lower a Level, Assess Again
90-94% 80-100% Instruct at this Level
90-94% <80% Lower a Level, Assess Again
<90%* N/A Lower a Level, Assess Again

* Some teachers may choose to instruct students at a level in which they have scored lower than 90 percent, but generally will not instruct using texts in which students score below 85 percent.