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Season’s Reading Let’s read!!



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PS Library new books

new books27

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Guest speaker

We had a guest speaker from Salmon Publisher who published many non-fiction books.Mr Nutthapong Chaiwanitphon spoke with passion and experience, sharing valuable insights into the world of writing. Mr. Nut has shared his inspiration of writing and students enjoyed listening and asking him a lot of questions. Thank you Mr Nut!portal

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October Activities in the Library

This month we are participating Global Read Aloud month, just like last year. We have a wonderful selection of books for all ages:

EYs and KG will be enjoying the wonderful stories of Mem Fox:

G1 – 2 will get to know

Global read aloud book

Global read aloud book

Fenway and Hattie

Week 1 – Chapters 1-3 (26 pages)
Week 2 – Chapters 4-6 (24 pages)
Week 3 – Chapters 7-9 ( 27 pages)
Week 4 – Chapters 10-12 (23 pages)
Week 5 – Chapters 13-16 (31 pages)
Week 6 – Chapters 17-20 (25 pages)

Fenway and the story of how he sees the world is one that is bound to make us laugh but also see our world in a different view; what can happen when we simply change our perspective?

The Wild Robot

The Wild Robot

Upper-Grade School will be Sharing to The Wild Robot by Peter Brown. I hope it helps us all to see the world for how similar we all are, rather than our differences.

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September Activities in the Library

Dear Parents/Students,

September is finally here, and everyone’s back to school with a groove! After the very informative coffee mornings, it is my pleasure to introduce this month’s reading opportunities and celebrations for reading.

Already I can hear some students groan… “finally here”? they say! More like “it’s upon us! RUN! Hide!”

But don’t worry! Your library and librarians have lots of new things to teach you! And our favorite online apps TumbleBooks and Kids A-Z are here to help! We’re here to highlight some of our favorite book titles that coincide with holidays, events, remembrances, and favorite birthdays in September.

We’re all over the map this month. From International Day of Peace on the 21st to International Dot day on the 13th to Talk Like a Pirate Day on the 19th… there’s something for everyone!

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Congratulations Library Monitors 2017-2018


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Dear students,

I recently visited the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale at Impact Arena, and it was excellent! There was a huge range of books to choose from, but there’s only so much one man can carry, so I came back with around 60 new books and graphic novels for you guys to enjoy.


The books have all been added to the library system and are ready to be borrowed, so come along and pick one up from the NEW BOOKS shelf right near the entrance to the Secondary School Library!


Ben C. (aka Ben the Librarian)

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Summer of Reading 2017

In addition to our online resources, like TumbleBooks, Kids A-Z, IXL and Khan Academy, I am very excited to share PBSLearning’s

Summer of Reading Collection

It is an interactive, skills targeted website with oodles and oodles of reading practice materials that are engaging and fun to use!

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Summer fun with Tumblebooks

tblDear Students and Parents,

Summer is finally here!! Many students are still counting down the days until they too can exchange desks for bicycles, and homework for hobbies, and say goodbye to their classrooms until the new school year begins!

But that does NOT mean they have to say goodbye to TumbleBooks as well! As we are a TumbleBook subscriber, you can enjoy TumbleBooks all year-round, from any device!

As you may have heard, TumbleBooks has a brand new App! You can install it on most Apple and Android phones and tablets! Just search “TumbleBooks” in the iTunes App Store, or Google Play!

https://itunes.apple.com/th/app/tumblebooks/id998074198?mt=8 Tumblebooks

The app was designed to help subscribers access the collection at the click of a button! All you need is an internet connection. So after you log in the first time, the information will be saved on your device for a LOOONG time! Plus, the TumbleBookLibrary you see through the App is the EXACT same as the TBL you see if you had logged in through a browser on your phone or tablet.

As you can see, June is a busy month for interesting holidays, observances, and famous birthdays! We hope this newsletter inspires you to pick up a new book, or revisit an old favorite. Have a warm, safe, and happy June… Let the SUMMER BEGIN!

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