How to facilitate and manage heutagogy with Google Classroom

Here is a quick tutorial on supporting Heutagogy (Self-Directed Learning) in your physical classroom with Blended Learning tools: GAFE; Google Classroom.

  1.  Login to your Google Classroom, create you new class by clicking the plus sign on the top bar
  2. Add your students
  3. Login to  Khan Academy – choose appropriate lesson that you are teaching
  4. Select the assignment and copy the video from Khan Academy to Google Classroom, assign to your students.
  5. In class, let students study the video and the task
  6. Teach a topic with application
  7. Use Exit Cards or Traffic Lights to give you feedback whether students understood the lesson
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Managebac tutorials for Parents

Dear parents,

I have made some micro (means quick) tutorials for you to get to know Managebac a bit better. Here are four first ones for you:

  1. Reports
  2. Portfolio
  3. Attendance
  4. Subscribing the Calendar

Remember to subscribe to receive new updates on these videos, thank you

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Video Tutorials for you

Here are some video tutorials to assist you with all the platforms and services we provide. All these are accessible through our parent portal:

The second one is about IXL

The third one is about KIDS A-Z

Remeber to subscribe to my channel to receive updates and information about the new videos

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Back to school


Welcome back to school!

We have started our new academic year with a learner profile tuning in. Students and teachers have been inquiring about all 10 profile traits and we will be creating our classroom essential agreements upon these common understandings.

PYP Evaluation- Self-study Update

We are currently in a phase of evaluation with the IB, who provide authorization to use the PYP as our curriculum. I would like to use this opportunity to keep you updated on the process. By far the most significant part of this process is the Self-study questionnaire, where we reflect on the practices and standards which the IB expect us to utilize to guide our progamme and consider if we are doing them in an effective manner, or plan ways to meet them more effectively. Our process started already during Term 2/3 last academic year when we formed six committees to tackle all 70+ standards, practices, and requirements. We have now started to collect our understandings into a report that is ready to be shared with others.  As per our Mission statement, it is important to us that all stakeholders in the learning community are provided with an opportunity to take part. We are going to be inviting you to Parent Forums where we can study these in more detail and provide feedback.


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