G10-U Volleyball: Friendly Tournament and Training

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Dear Parents and Students,

I am pleased to announce that we have entered a friendly end of Season Tournament Volleyball Tournament at Concordian next Tuesday (30th April). The Friendly Tournament will run from 2:30pm till 5pm and will consist of a round robin between Berkeley, Concordian and KIS. We will be departing from school at 1:30pm and are expected to return by 5:45pm. All students in both the Boys and Girls team have been selected.

Tournament Schedule:

Please see the schedule for the day below:

G10-U Season ender-Tourney

Training Term 3:

Please note that G10-U Boys and Girls Volleyball training will be every Wednesday from 3-4:30pm in the Sports Hall (Training court). Please note training will run until May 22nd, this will be the final training day.

Youth Basketball Tournament @KIS May 11th & 12th

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Dear Parents,

We are please to announce that KIS will be home to this years 3rd Annual Youth Basketball Tournament (YBT) on May 11th & 12th. KIS has successfully entered 5 teams; U11 Mixed, U13 Boys, U13 Girls, U15 Boys and U18 Boys. Please see selected students below:

YBT Team list 1

I have been informed that the Tournament will consist of AISAA, TISAC, BISAC and Basketball Academy teams from around Bangkok, which will give our students a wide variety of different opponents they will face. The first day will be group stages with competition starting at 8am and finish by 6pm (depending on games) and Sunday for Semifinals and Finals. The schedule will be shared with all school’s next week and once received, we will share this with students via their KIS email.

Confirmation of Attendance

KIS would like to know if your child will be participating in this event as there will be an entrance fee which the school will cover as well as we will be providing students with snacks, lunch and drinks throughout the event. To confirm your child will be attending, please put a “Y” in the column next to you child’s name on the following GoogleSheet (CLICK HERE). If your child cannot make it to the event, please put a “N” in the column next to your child’s name in case the coach would like to replace your child with another student. Addtionally you may email myself (sam@edu.kis.ac.th) or Coach Oh (rattapon.bo@edu.kis.ac.th) to confirm your child’s attendance. Deadline for confirmation of attendance is Tuesday 30th April.

Training in Term 3

After the Songkran Break each team will have 2 training session a week in order to best prepare for the event. Please see the coaching schedule below and please ensure your child attends all training session. We would like our teams to be best prepared for the event and if any students misses training, we may consider removing them from the team. Training will run until the Tournament.

Training Schedule 1


Should you have any questions about the event, please feel free to contact myself (sam@edu.kis.ac.th).

Weekend Workshops for Primary Badminton

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Dear Primary Badminton Parents,

Firstly I am happy to announce we recently confirmed a date for the G3-U mini-Tournament with Concordian. The event for G3-U will be at KIS on Tuesday 7th May, 1pm start. G5-U is still on Thursday 2nd May at Concordian, 9am start. Both events will have further details released via SMS the week before.

Saturday Workshop

In preparation for these two events, we would like to announce two Weekend Workshops that we would like to run before the students Tournament. Both will be on Saturday 27th April with the G5-U from 9am-12pm and G3-U from 12pm-3pm. Please note while both “Team” and “Sub” are invited to this work shop, it is MANDATORY for “Team” players and any “Team” players who cannot attend maybe replaced with “Sub” players for the Tournament. We would like to ensure our “Team” players are best prepared for the event. Please email myself (sam@edu.kis.ac.th) is there you are unable to attend. For a reminder of if your child is a “Team” or “Sub”, please click HERE to see our original post. At the workshop, KIS will provide students with small snack and juice during breaks.


If you have any questions about the workshop, please feel free to email myself or Coach Oh (rattapon.bo@edu.kis.ac.th). Thank you again for your continued support

G3-U & G5-U Table Tennis

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Dear Grade 2-5 Parents,

Please note we will be running try-outs for G3-U and G5-U Table Tennis next Thursday (4th) and Friday (5th) during Break and Lunch. If your child is interested in trying out, you may either email myself (sam@edu.kis.ac.th) or sign-up at the front of Primary Office. Please note sign-up will OPEN Monday 1st April and will CLOSE on Wednesday 3rd April at 3:30pm.

G5-U will have their Tournament on Thursday 9th May at Concordian. G3-U Tournament will be confirmed after the Songkran break and will likely be a smaller event. Please note KIS will be able to select a maximum of 4 Boys and 4 Girls for each age group (G3-U 8 students total and G5-U 8 students total). We would highly encourage girls of all levels to sign-up as most years we have struggled for numbers. For Boys we would encourage those with experience in playing Table Tennis to sign-up as trial have been competitive in the past.

Please see the try-out dates below, all try-out will take place in the SS Dance Room (under the pool):

  • Thursday 4th April:
    • Morning Break 9:40 – 10am G3-U Girls
    • Lunch 11:30pm – 12:10pm G3-U Boys
    • Afternoon Break 1:30pm – 1:50pm IF EXTRA TIME NEEDED for G3-U Boys and/or Girls trials
  • Friday 5th April:
    • Morning Break 9:40 – 10am G5-U Girls
    • Lunch 11:30pm – 12:10pm G5-U Boys
    • Afternoon Break 1:30pm – 1:50pm IF EXTRA TIME NEEDED for G5-U Boys and/or Girls trials

We will announce selected students on the Sports Blog on Friday 5th in the evening along with an SMS to those who were selected. After Songkran break we will have training on the following days for the following age groups and training will stop once the Tournament is finished:

  • G3-U:
    • Monday and Thursday in the SS Dance Room (under the pool) during lunch (11:30-12:10pm)
  • G5-U:
    • Tuesday and Friday in the SS Dance Room (under the pool) during lunch (11:30-12:10pm)
    • Last training day 7th May

If you have any questions, please feel free to email myself.


G10-U Volleyball Tournament

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Dear Parents,

Final League Games Thursday (28th March)


Please note this Thursday (28th March) Boys will be AWAY to Berkeley (playing Concordian and Mahidol) and Girls will be playing at HOME against Mahidol. Please see selected students in the bullet points below, if selected please ensure your child bring their KIS Volleyball uniform and appropriate shoes. Please times for both Boys and Girls below:

  • Boys @Berkeley Thursday 28th March (playing Concordian and Mahidol)
    • Selected Students:
      • Grade 6: Mario
      • Grade 8: Oscar
      • Grade 9: Aaryman, Fourth, Henry, Kaden, Nikky, Sand, Sanskar
    • Leaving at 2:25pm
      • Concordian approx. 3:30pm start
      • Mahidol approx. 4:15pm start
    • Return 5:45pm
  • Girls @KIS Thursday 28th March (playing Mahidol)
    • Selected Students:
      • Grade 8: Tilde-li
      • Grade 9: Eva, Nisha
      • Grade 10: Mae, Pear T., Ploy, Rin, Sao, Sharon, Szilvi
    • Dismissed from class 2:25pm
      • starting approx. 2:45pm
    • Finished by 3:30pm


AISAA Tournament Sunday (31st March)


Additionally please be reminded this Sunday (31st March) is the G10-U Boys and Girls AISAA Volleyball Tournaments with the Girls going to Concordian and Boys here at KIS. Please note Girls should arrive at KIS by 8:50am for the bus and will return by 4:45pm. Should you wish to take your child directly to Concordian or have them leave Concordian by themselves, please inform either myself (sam@edu.kis.ac.th) or SEA. Boys should arrive at KIS by 8:15am for warm up and will be finished by 3:10pm. Please ensure your child brings their KIS Volleyball uniform and appropriate shoes. Please see selected students below

  • Boys @KIS Sunday 31st March
    • Selected Students:
      • Grade 6: Mario
      • Grade 8: Oscar
      • Grade 9: Aaryman, Fourth, Henry, Kaden, Nikky, Howard, Sand, Sanskar
    • Arrive by 8:15am
    • Finished by 3:10pm
  • Girls @Concordian Sunday 31st March
    • Selected Students:
      • Grade 8: Tilde-li
      • Grade 9: Eva, Nisha
      • Grade 10: Mae, Pear T., Ploy, Rin, Sao, Sharon, Szilvi
    • Bus leaves KIS at 8:50am
    • Return to KIS by 4:45pm

Below you may see the tentative schedules for both Tournament. School names will be added after the completion of leagues Thursday. You can come back to this link to check the updated schedule Friday afternoon.

BOYS Schedule:

G10-U Vball Boys Tournament 2019

GIRLS Schedule:

G10-U Vball Girls Tournament 2019

2019 AISAA Battle of the Band: Results

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Dear Parents,

We are happy to announce the results of the 2019 AISAA Battle of the Bands with KIS winning 2 out of 4 trophies. Please see top 3 final results:

Primary Lower Secondary High School
1) Breaking Band






2) Blank Thrills




Back Space


3) Vapour Cookies


Golden Dragons





Judges’ Scoresheet and Performance Video

Please note we have shared each Band’s Scoresheet and Performance Video with the student via their KIS EDU account. Please note as part of child protect these will be restricted to KIS EDU accounts only and should you wish to share this with Family or Friends please download a copy of the file. DO NOT SHARE THE ORIGINAL FILE VIA GOOGLE. Those that do share the original will be delete from having access to the file.

Additionally you can see the students performance below but please note you MUST BE LOGGED INTO YOUR CHILD’S KIS EDU ACCOUNT

Breaking Band


Vapour Cookies






The Doppler Effect







AISAA G10-U & G7-U Table Tennis Results

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1553149268630fullsizeoutput_445d fullsizeoutput_4470 P1060035 fullsizeoutput_4438


G10-U,  we had Pin made the knock out stages, and she went on to win Bronze. G10-U came 4th in overall with 6 players (4 boys and 2 girls).

G7-U, Poon and Muffin made knock out. Muffin lost in Quarter finals, but Poon made it to the finals. Regrettably, he was unable to beat the opponent who was ranked 7th for U13 in Thailand. G7-U Team came 3rd in overall with 6 players (4 boys and 2 girls).

We strongly recommend our girls who are interested in Table Tennis to join our school team so that we can have a full squad with a better result in the future.

G3-U Development Basketball Games

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Dear G3-U Development Basketball Parents,

We are happy to announce that this Friday (22nd March) we will have our first friendly match at home to Regents. We apologies for the short notice of this match as we were confirming the venue of the game. The game will be held in the KIS new Sports Hall and will start at 1pm and should finish at 1:50pm. For the game, please see selected students below and we please ask that students wear their KIS PE uniform as well as appropriate shoes. Students should change into their PE during lunch (teachers will help remind them) and will be dismissed from class at 12:25pm. I will met the students at the canteen before taking them up to the Sports Hall for their warm-up with Coach Oh and Coach Poy.

  • Grade 2: Ava, Bo, Godd, Ken, Lanna, Niska, Pancake, Pauline, Peace, Porche, Rella, Un
  • Grade 3: Arj, Arty, Christian, Ciara, Gadi, Leo X., Max, Pim Pim, Zoom

Additionally we would like to informed you of a 2nd game the Boys and Girls will have against Concordian on Friday 3rd May. Please mark this down in your calendars as we know it is a long weekend that weekend and we would like to ensure all students can play and get some game time. It will be at KIS and will also be played at 1pm. We will announce student selection the week before.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at sam@edu.kis.ac.th. Thank you for your continued support.

Tennis is On the Way!

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Two of KIS Wolves participated in tennis tournaments around Bangkok.

Mario, Grade 6, participated in AISAA Tennis Tournament for Grade 8 category. He enjoyed playing in the tournament against upper grade players from other schools, and he had learned a lot also made new friends from the tournament.



A-Na, 5 year-old KG student, had an incredible performance in LTAT Tennis 10s Tournament last weekend. With the result of First Runner-up in U6 (Boys & Girls) category, KIS Sports would like to congratulate her on this success, and hope she continues well and better in the future.

image2 (1)image3 (1)

image1 (2)


P.S. KIS Sports Team encourages parents to support Tennis to be one of our mainstream sports. AISAA is our main tournament for Secondary School Division, and if your child is interested in participating in the future, you can visit KIS Sports Department at SEA or email Coach Sam (sam@edu.kis.ac.th) or Coach Oh (rattapon.bo@edu.kis.ac.th) for further details.

2nd Annual AISAA Battle of the Bands

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Dear Parents,

We are excited to bring your the 2nd Annual AISAA Battle of the Bands which will be held at KIS next Tuesday (19th March) from 9am-2pm. KIS will be entering 5 bands in the competition (2 Primary, 1 Lower Secondary and 2 High School), please see the bands and students apart of them below: 

Rehearsal and Event Schedule

On Monday 18th March we will be giving our bands time to practice on the Auditorium stage. Please see the schedule below for those practice times:

  • 11:20-11:45am: Vapour Cookies
  • 11:45-12:10pm: Breaking Band
  • 12:35-1pm: Spades part 1
  • 2:50-3:10pm: Spades part 2
  • 3:10-4:05pm: ColdFlame
  • 4:05-4:50pm: The Doppler Effect

Please see the tentative schedule for the day below. Additionally you may find the Adjudication Criteria (Adjudication Criteria – BoB) and the profile of our 4 judges who will be grading all schools on the day (Judges Profile BoB 2019).

BoB 2019 Schedule

On the Day:

On the day we would like all Band members (except The Doppler Effect) to report to the auditorium and ask that bands please sit in their rows. The front rows of chairs will be dedicated to bands & their coaches, back chairs will be dedicated to parents & guest, and the stands at the very back will be for KIS class who would like to come and see some of the performances. Students should ensure they bring there class materials for any classes they will have after 1:30, all students are expect to return to class.

The Doppler Effect: Band members will attend class until the completion of the Primary and Lower Secondary Categories and will be excused from class at 10:15am. At the end of the event they will return to class.


Should you have any questions, please feel free to drop me an email (sam@edu.kis.ac.th). We wish all our bands the best of luck and look forward to seeing you at the event. Go WOLVES!