Primary Badminton Trial Results

Posted by Sam on December 12, 2018

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your patience in awaiting the results of the trial for the Primary Badminton team and I have gone through the result with Coach Art. It is always a great inspiration to see many students attempted their best and this had made selections for the squad even more difficult. To students who weren’t select, Coach Art provided feedback about common areas for students to improve in. For the G3-U students, this was mostly their serves and returns and for older students, they were not looking to change their returns (play long or short) and the movement of their feet (such as return to middle of the court after returns). We would encourage your child to continue playing badminton whether this is through your support at home or with an outside provide. Additionally Coach Art runs a After school Badminton Club which you are welcome to sign-up for next term to help your child build their skills.

Please see the final team selection below and congratulations to those who were selected:

G3-U Boys G3-U Girls
Team Sub Team Sub
Ben G2 Vudh G2 Bew Bew G2 Olivia G2
Rew Rew G2 Gordon G3 Pim Pim G3 Petch G3
Divyen G3 Pim Pe. G3
Lucas G3


G5-U Boys G5-U Girls
Team Sub Team Sub
Alex G5 Jiaxing G4 Good G5 Jill G4
Poon G5 Phip G4 Proud G5 Ninny G4
Shane G5 Namo G5
Te Te G5 Vivian G5

A quick reminder that we are only allowed to take a total of 4 Boys and 4 Girls for each age group to the competition. Therefore please note Coach Art and myself agreed to have each team split into “Team” and “Sub” whereby students under “Team” will be apart of the main squad to go and compete. “Sub” will be used for either 1) players that Coach Art needs further time to decide who he would like to take to the competition or 2) should a “Team” student be sick on the day, we will select from our subs. This allows our “Sub” students to continue to build their skills with the rest of the team and be a replacement we would be confident in their skills.


Please note training will start as soon as we come back from the winter break and will be in the new Sports Hall. Every Thursday will be for G5-U and Fridays for G3-U. Please note for Phip G4, Alex G5 and Poon G5 while the Football season is on, please attend Football Training on Thursday and Coach Art would like your child to join G3-U on Fridays. Students do not need to change for training. Additionally we will provide rackets but your child is more then welcome to bring their own.

Please be reminded that the G5-U Badminton Tournament is schedule to happen on 2nd May at Concordian. G3-U will likely be on a Saturday and we will inform you of the date as soon as it is confirm. Closer to the date we will remind you as well as give further details about the event and what to wear.

I very much look forward to seeing the students progress under Coach Art. Happy holidays!

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