5th Annual SEAIS Varsity Football Tournament

Posted by Sam on January 19, 2019

Dear Parents,

I am pleased to announce we have been invited to the 5th Annual SEAIS Varsity Football Tournament. The following tournament will have 12 teams from International Schools around South East Asia and will be a two day tournament next weekend, 26th & 27th January. For the following tournament we will be using a mix of our G10-U Boys and Varsity Boys teams, please see the team list below. Coach Martin will be coaching the team for the Tournament.

Albert G8 Anfield G10 Prince G10 Alex G11
Denim G11 Guillermo G11 Mai G11 Mehrab G11
North G11 Peak G11 Peer G11 Arno G12

If your child cannot attend, please email me (sam@edu.kis.ac.th) so a replacement can be found. Please ensure your Child wear’s their KIS Football uniform, shin guards and appropriate shoes. KIS will be covering the entrance fee as well as provide plenty of drinks, snack and lunch.


Please note KIS will provide a school bus to and from Concordian please see the timing below. If you would like to take your child directly to Concordian and/or pick them up, please inform myself via email (sam@edu.kis.ac.th).

Saturday 26th January Sunday 27th January
KIS to Concordian Concordian to KIS KIS to Concordian Concordian to KIS
Depart at 7:20am Return by 5pm Depart by 7am Return by 11:45am



Please note the Tournament split into two stages, Groups stages (Day 1) and Playoff (Day 2). Our attendance on the 2nd day will depend on results from the group stages as we must finish in at least the top 4 to enter the playoffs. We will send an SMS confirmation for our attendance to the 2nd day during the evening of the 26th January. You may see the schedule for the Tournament below:


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