AISAA Primary Gala

Posted by Sam on May 09, 2019

Next Tuesday (14th May) will be our Primary Gala for AISAA and it will be hosted at our new Aquatics Pool. We are very excited to host our first Competitive Gala and are looking forward to putting our new facilities to work at this event!

Students Events:

Please note with this being the “Gala”, schools are only allow to enter one student per event and therefore we have selected a specific team for the event. The following students have been selected and their events are just below:

Name list for Gala

PS Gala Event List

What time and what to wear:

We would like our students to meet myself and Coach Peter in front of the canteen after the morning bell rings at 7:50am where we will head up to the pool for our warm-up. Students should come in their KIS TEAM shirt and PE shorts with their KIS Swimsuit underneath. PLEASE make sure your child packs their School uniform to change into after the event, no student may go home after the event as we expect to finish by lunch.


Please note on the day we will have some restrictions as to where you may go. Please note this is to ensure the event runs smoothly without interruption. If you will come to cheer your child and KIS swimmers on, please stick to the “PARENTS & GUESTS” seated area at the pool (see picture below). You will be able to get to the seating area via the doors at the walk-way which is to the right of the Sport’s Hall doors(see picture below). Please DO NOT enter the Sport Halls, this will only be open for PE Classes. Lastly please do not go to the third floor of Building 5 to watch through the glass as there are currently our G12 IB Exams taking place on the 4th floor. Lastly please ensure that you use the bins provided as we would like to keep out new Aquatics center clean and beautiful!


*Please stick to the GREEN “Parents & Guests” section to ensure the event runs smoothly*


*Please enter through doors boxed in GREEN and DO NOT enter the doors boxed in RED*

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