G10-U Boys and Girls Basketball Tournaments (Updated 20th Feb)

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Dear G10-U Basketball Parents,

Please note this Sunday is the AISAA G10-U Basketball Tournaments with the Girls at KIS and the Boys at Ekamai. Girls should arrive at KIS by 8:30am for warm-up and will be finished by 1:45pm. The Boys will depart from KIS at 7:30am and should return by 2:30pm. If any Boys would like to met directly at Ekamai, please inform myself at sam@edu.kis.ac.th.

Please see selected students below and if selected please be reminded to bring appropriate shoes and KIS Basketball uniform:

G10-U Team for Tournament

Please see the Boy’s schedule below:

AISAA G10-BOYS basketball tournament (1)

Please see the Girl’s schedule below:

AISAA G10-U girls basketball tournament

AISAA G5-U Boys and Girls Football Tournaments (Updated 11th Feb)

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Dear Parents,

Please note next Tuesday (12th February) is the AISAA G5-U Boys and Girls Football Tournaments. The Boys will be traveling to Berkeley, while the Girls Tournament will be here at KIS. Both Tournaments are schedule to start at 8:30am with the Boys bus leaving at 7:25am and Girls being sent to the field at 8am. The Girls Tournament should finish at 11am and the Boys will finish by 11:30am. Please see selected students for both Tournaments below, if selected please remind your child to bring the correct shoes, shin guards and KIS Football Uniform:

G5-U Tournament name list

Please see the Boys Schedule below:

G5-U Boys Football Tournament 2019

Please see the Girls Schedule below:

G5-U Girls Football Tournament 2

Protected: ANS Sprint Challenge 2019: Final Details and EHL

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Changing Room etiquette

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Dear Coaching Parents and Students,

It has recently come to my attention that some students have been playing games and messing around in the changing rooms before and after training. I would like to take this moment to remind students of what is appropriate behavior and etiquette in the bathroom:

  • No running or horseplay is prohibited
    • No practical jokes
    • No swearing or use of inappropriate language
  • Each student is responsible for their own personal belongings
    • Students should not touch their peers belongings unless they ask to
    • Lockers are available in changing rooms, and students are encouraged to lock up their valuables
  • No Food or drinks should be in the changing room, please eat and drink outside
  • Do not stand on the benches
  • Any trash, please dispose of appropriately in the bin

These rules will be posted in all changing rooms to remind students. There will be punishment to students who break these rules depending on the severity. This could include changing in separate locations, suspension or being asked to leave the team. While this post will be shared with students to their school emails, we would encourage parents to discuss this with their child as well.

AISAA Battle of the Bands 2019 Try-outs

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Dear Parents and Students,

This year, AISAA will be running the 2nd annual “Battle of the Bands” (BoB) competition which KIS has the privilege of hosting. The event will be on Wednesday 21st March 2018. AISAA’s Battle of the Bands will be split into 3 age groups of Primary (Grades 3-5), Lower Secondary (Grades 6-8) and High school (Grades 9-12).

We are very honored to have the four recognizing artists in the Thai music industry whom will be our
judges for this competition.

  • Tanachai “Pod” Ujjin (Lead singer of ModernDog)
  • Suveera “Q” Boonrod (Lead singer of Flure)
  • Mariam Grey Alkalali (Lead singer of B5)
  • Kan Umsuupan (Drummer of Potato)

Audition Information:

Should your child’s band be interested in representing KIS for the Battle of the Band competition, please
kindly mark the important dates below. Please note that KIS will not be creating any of the groups and the students must form their own groups and create their own Bands. Audition Sign Up will be open from now until 1st March. Please kindly have one member of the Band members come and inform me or a staff member in SEA of the band name, team members and their instruments, song name and preferred time slot (see below). You can also email me at sam@edu.kis.ac.th

Time Slot Thursday 8th March Friday 8th March
#1 12:40 – 12:50
(during lunch)
12:40 – 12:50
(during lunch)
#2 12:50 – 13:00
(during lunch)
12:50 – 13:00
(during lunch)
#3 14:50 – 15:00
(after school)
#4 15:00 – 15:15
(after school)

The auditions will be seen by Mr Bruno, Khun Jumbo (Sound Engineer) and myself. After the audition has taken place, we will notify you of the groups who have been selected via SMS no later than March 11th.

Basic rules:

  • The competition will be adjudicated in 3 categories: Primary G2-5, Lower Secondary G6-8 and High School G9-12
  • Schools allowed to enter a maximum of two bands per age group
  • The eldest member of the group will determine which age group they will be competing in.
  • The competition is open for groups of two or more band members who may perform any music
  • Solo Performances are not permitted to enter.
  • The maximum members permitted in any one Band is 15 students
  • The maximum time limit is eight minutes per Band
  • There are no limit to the number of songs provided this does not go over 8 minutes
  • Bands must audition with the song they are planning to play at the competition
  • Song choices must not use offensive or suggestive language

After the team announcement, your child’s band will then have time to practice and are welcome to come and book the school’s band rooms through SEA. Closer to the date we will send out further details
regarding the event.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at sam@edu.kis.ac.th. Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to what will hopefully be another successful year for KIS’s Bands.


Best Regards,

Sam Holloway
Athletics Manager

5th Annual SEAIS Varsity Football Tournament

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Dear Parents,

I am pleased to announce we have been invited to the 5th Annual SEAIS Varsity Football Tournament. The following tournament will have 12 teams from International Schools around South East Asia and will be a two day tournament next weekend, 26th & 27th January. For the following tournament we will be using a mix of our G10-U Boys and Varsity Boys teams, please see the team list below. Coach Martin will be coaching the team for the Tournament.

Albert G8 Anfield G10 Prince G10 Alex G11
Denim G11 Guillermo G11 Mai G11 Mehrab G11
North G11 Peak G11 Peer G11 Arno G12

If your child cannot attend, please email me (sam@edu.kis.ac.th) so a replacement can be found. Please ensure your Child wear’s their KIS Football uniform, shin guards and appropriate shoes. KIS will be covering the entrance fee as well as provide plenty of drinks, snack and lunch.


Please note KIS will provide a school bus to and from Concordian please see the timing below. If you would like to take your child directly to Concordian and/or pick them up, please inform myself via email (sam@edu.kis.ac.th).

Saturday 26th January Sunday 27th January
KIS to Concordian Concordian to KIS KIS to Concordian Concordian to KIS
Depart at 7:20am Return by 5pm Depart by 7am Return by 11:45am



Please note the Tournament split into two stages, Groups stages (Day 1) and Playoff (Day 2). Our attendance on the 2nd day will depend on results from the group stages as we must finish in at least the top 4 to enter the playoffs. We will send an SMS confirmation for our attendance to the 2nd day during the evening of the 26th January. You may see the schedule for the Tournament below:


Protected: Prep Puppy Cup Final Details

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Fixtures and Air Quality

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We are nearly finished with the first 2 weeks of the new Term and AISAA League games & friendlies will be consistently happening every week for the next month and half. We would like to send out a few reminders.

Fixtures – How do I know when games are on and who is selected? Change to G5-U Football Tournaments

Firstly you can find all of our Sport Coaching fixture on the Calendar page under “Fixture List” or by clicking here. Fixtures are subject to change, please double check the week before. We will send out generic SMSs on either Friday or Saturday to confirm games the week before (please see an example of a Home and Away SMS below). From these generic SMS you will be informed if we are “host” (home) or if we are “at” (away), the school we are playing, and the date of the game. Please note we will also share a link to the Coaching Team list which will have “Y” next to names of students who have been selected to play in that game. Please note that receiving the SMS does not mean your child has been selected, you must open the link and check.

Please note one major change to the Calendar is the G5-U Football Tournaments, these were originally schedule for 27th January but please note they will now be played on Tuesday 12th February with the Boys at Berkeley and the Girls playing here at KIS. Both tournaments are expected to start at 8:30am and finish by 11:30am. Student selection will be sent out the week before via SMS.


HOME GAME: Dear Parents, pls be informed the G10-U Boys (Basketball) will host Ekamai on Mon 1st Jan. Final team selection has been posted on the blog (https://bit.ly/2NyYJNT, password:kis2018coaching). If selected pls ensure your child brings the correct shoes, shin guards and KIS Basketball uniform. The game will start at 3pm and finish by 3:50pm, you’re welcome to come and support your child. Thanks, Coach Sam

AWAY GAME: Dear G3-U Girls Football Parents, pls be informed the Girls have a game on Mon 1st Jan at Ekamai. Final team selection has been posted on the blog (https://bit.ly/2PkHmBa, password:kis2018coaching). If selected pls ensure your child brings the correct shoes, shin guards and KIS Basketball uniform. We will depart at 12pm and return by 2:30pm. Thanks, Coach Sam

AQI – How do I know if the Air Quality is too bad to play?

Since the start of this week the Air Quality has not been particularly good, especially in the mornings. Please note we are constantly checking the Air Quality (through our own air monitor on campus and other public monitors) and will always follow our school policy on Air Quality. You can find a copy of the policy here (Air Quality Policy) but the two main point to take from this document are 1) Games will be canceled if the AQI is over 200 and 2) adjustments will be made to game length if AQI is over 150.

This week we have sent out some confirmation SMS to assure you that games are still on. Please note we will no longer send these and ONLY send out SMSs for cancellation due to bad Air Quality.

U12 Boys and U16 Boys Football Friendlies (Thursday 17th January)

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I am pleased to announce we will have a Football Friendly match for U12 Boys and U16 Boys (G7-U Boys and G10-U Boys) against Vidhya Sanskar School who are visiting Bangkok from Nepal this Thursday (17th January). Please note with the following friendly we would like to invite all boys from G7-U and G10-U teams.

Please note we would like all Grade 6s playing in the U12 game and for all G10-U Boys to play in U16 game, while Grade 7 boys will be split between the two teams. Please see the team list below for which Grade 7 students are playing in which age group. Students should wear their PE uniform or KIS Football uniform (if they have one) and during the game we will wear bibs. Please ensure your child brings long socks, shin guards and appropriate shoes. Please note we expect the U12 game to start at 3pm and the U16 to follow after at about 3:50pm. Your welcome to come and support your child.

U12 Boys U16 Boys
Bay G6 Victor G6 Kaan G7 Anfield G10
Caden G6 Aayush G7 Krish G7 Ankit G10
Joe G6 Jonah G7 Palm G7 Arthur G10
Korn G6 Ken G7 Richard G7 Prince G10
Krabane G6 Sitta G7 Viraj G10
Phoom G6 Albert G8 Zaim G10
Prin G6 Howard G9
Sebastian G6 Sanskar G9
Ty G6 Thunder G9


Coaching Schedule for Term 2

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We hope you have all had a wonderful winter break! Please be reminded that the Sports Coaching Program will resume at the start of Term 2 (January 7th). Please note there have been a couple minor changes to the coaching schedule and you can see the full coaching schedule for both Primary and Secondary below (READ CAREFULLY). You can also see the location of each training session using the key. With the start of the new Term, we will have our new Sports Hall in full use and we have given preference to teams who are “On-Season”.

SWIM PARENTS – Firstly please note that if you have yet to do so, please complete the survey regarding which swim training option you would like (Click here). At this time our new Coaching Pool is not yet 100% ready and therefore for the time being all training sessions will remain in our current pool. As soon as our new pool is ready we will move our all training session (except for development) to it and will inform you via SMS.

Primary Coaching Schedule:

Primary Coaching Schedule - T2

Secondary Coaching Schedule:

Secondary Coaching Schedule - T2

Location Key:

Location Key