AISAA Primary Athletics 2019

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Firstly congratulations to the students who have been selected to compete in this year’s Primary Athletics.

When, Where, Bus?

Please note the main event will be taking place next Thursday 21st Thursday and will be hosted at Berkeley from 8:30am till 2pm. The bus will be leaving school at 7:20am sharp to allow students to settle in as well as give us plenty of time for warm-up. Please ensure your child arrives at school 5-10 minutes before to ensure the bus can leave on time. Please note for bus students, we will not provide an earlier route into school, you must make your own way into school to make it in time for the bus.

If you will be taking your child directly to Berkeley, please inform Miss Aim at the Primary office or email Coach Oh ( Please ensure you arrive there by 8am.

What does your child need to bring? Uniform?

Firstly if your child does not have one yet, they may come to the School Shop to pick up a KIS “TEAM” shirt. Additionally, if your child’s current TEAM shirt is too small they may swap (bring in the old one). Students should wear PE shorts and trainers with the TEAM shirt. Your child should bring a water bottle, sun cream, and hat. Your child does not need to bring any snacks, we will provide plenty of drinks, snacks, and lunch.

Students Events:

Please note relay teams are currently tentative and we will be using next week to confirm our relay teams. Please remind your child to attend practice next Tuesday and Wednesday during Lunch as we perfect everyone’s technique.

Primary Events 1

Varsity Football Tournament

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Dear Varsity Football Parents,

Please be reminded the Varsity Football Tournaments are this Sunday (17th November) with the Girls at Berkeley and the Boys at Concordian. Please note both team buses will depart from KIS at 7:15am and are expected to return by 1:30pm. Team selections can be found below, please ensure your child brings the correct shoes, shin guards and KIS Football uniform:

  • Varsity Boys:
    • Grade 11: Anfield, Ankit, Arthur, Prince, Zaim
    • Grade 12: Alex, Denim, Mai, North, Peer, Peak, Poom
  • Varsity Girls:
    • Grade 10: Emma, Idea, Jasmine, Jindy, Na Na, Nadia
    • Grade 11: Maxine, Naomi

Please note we have yet to receive the Varsity Girls schedule but it will be shared soon and we will update this post once it is received. We will also send it to your child’s school email. Please see the schedules below:

Varsity boys football tourn 2019

Varsity Girls Football Tournament 2019

Harrow Cup Final Details

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Dear Harrow Cup Parents,

Please be see the final schedule below for both the Boys and Girls sections of the Tournament as well as pitch layout at the bottom of this post. Additionally please be reminded that Harrow will be running a new Welcoming Ceremony, details can be found in the original post HERE. If you are taking your child directly please ensure they arrive at Harrow by 7:15am for Girls and 11:40am for Boys.

Students who will be taking the bus from KIS, please be reminded the Girls will leave at 6:30am and for the Boys at 11am. Please see our confirmed bus list below. If you have changed your mind regarding the bus or your child’s name is missing, please email Coach Oh (

Bus List


Harrow Youth Cup pitch layout…


Season 1 finished and Athletics sign-up

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Dear Parents,

Please note that the final week for Season 1 training, with the exception of Swimming and Varsity Football, was last week. There will be NO TRAINING for any teams apart from Swimming, Varsity Football and Secondary Athletics. All Secondary Season 2 training will start in January. Please see below the Season 2 Training schedule, we will remind you of this again in January before the start of Term 2.

Season 2 Training Secondary

AISAA Secondary Athletics

Please kindly be informed that the 3rd Annual AISAA Secondary Athletics event will be held on Wednesday, December 4th, 2019 from 8:00am to 2:00pm at Mahidol University (Salaya). Mr Mark, Mr. Xavier, Coach Oh and myself would like to invite your child to sign-up for the events of their choosing as a part of our trial process. The Sign-up sheet will be via GoogleSheets (CLICK HERE) from October 30th to November 6th. YOU MUST BE SIGNED INTO YOUR KIS EDU ACCOUNT TO ACCESS AND EDIT THE GOOGLESHEET. Your child may sign up for a MAXIMUM of 3 individual events and 1 relay, whereby their individual event can be either 2 track and 1 field OR 2 field and 1 track. Please note that sign-up for each event will be limited to 4-5 students per age groups and gender due to equipment and time; as well as safety concerns. Please see the list of Track events and Field events below:

100m Long Jump
200m Triple Jump
400m High Jump
800m* Shot Put
1500m* Discus

*Please note your child may not enter both the 800m and 1500m events and may only pick one of the two.

Trial Process:

The first week we will go through with the students the basic technique behind the event they signed up for and practice as much as possible before looking to make Final Selections. Currently, we plan to run final trials between 26-28th November. KIS is only allowed to enter one student per event (per age group, per gender). The 2nd and 3rd of December will be for selected students to continue to train and look to improve their technique ahead of the main event.

Training days:

Please see below the training days for different events.

Training Schedule

Once final selections have been made, we will send out the event list and the events that students will be competing in on Sunday 1st December. We will also include further information about our departure time, arrival back to school and any additional information. If you have any further questions, please contact Coach Oh via my email at

Please note we have shared this post with your child through their KIS email.

ISB Swimfest 2019 Final Details

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Dear Parents,

Please read the following carefully as we give you final details about ISB Swimfest happening Saturday and Sunday (9th&10th). Firstly please note we have been given our warm-up times of 6:50-7:10 in Lanes 9&10 (racing pool). Please note this does not change our morning departure of 5:30am on Saturday. Below you can find your child’s EHL. Please note there were some errors with our students being entered into too many events. Please note there is still an error for these on our “KIS with event heat lane” but I have noted these changes in Bold underneath EHL.

KIS with event heat lane

The following students will NOT swim:

  • Arthur G1: Event 54 100m IM
  • Bujji G4: Event 1 50m Free, Event 51 100m IM
  • Mia G3: Event 11 25m Back, Event 53 100m IM
  • Maya G2: Event 7 25m Breast
  • Nada G2: Event 63 50m Free
  • Pann G8: Event 68 100m Fly
  • Pauline G3: Event 11 25m Back, Event 53 100m IM
  • Vin G4: Event 6 50m Breast, Event 14 50m Fly
  • Vudh G3: Event 16 25m Fly, Event 54 100m IM

Here you may click to view the Welcome Letter for Parents released by ISB (WelcomeParentsFlyer 2019). Please feel free to have a quick read but important points to note are:

  • Arriving at ISB – Buses will have no trouble entering quickly, but private vehicles may be asked for ID at the Nichada gate and at the ISB gate. At the ISB gate we will be accepting other school IDs if visible. Uniforms for athletes are also good. To get to the pool, please use the Pre-K playground entrance at the far right side of the parking lot (when facing the school). There will be guards there and the playground leads right to the covered path to the 50 m pool.
  • Spectating – Guests are invited to sit in our bleachers, inside our gym or on the tennis courts with their swimmers. There are benches, tables and chairs behind the bleachers, inside the gym and in a few other locations around the pools for your use. Please do not bring food, coolers or big items to the bleachers.
  • Results – Posted on “Meet Mobile” app (for latest results) and on post on a board in the GYM
  • Please do not question any results or disqualifications or ask ISB about results, they are very busy on the day. Any issues that arise are to be brought up with KIS Coaches only.
  • During the Coaches meeting, I will receive coupons for t-shirts and food coupons for each students. Coach Oh, Khun Ja and myself will help with distributing these out during the meet.
  • Coaches will be writing Event #, Heat # and Lane # on student’s arms in permanent marker as recommended by ISB to ensure the event runs smoothly
  • Please do not wonder around ISB’s Campus, students and parents should stick to area around the pool and the Gymnasium next to the pool.


Please note if you are NOT taking the Bus, your child MUST arrive 30 minutes before Warm up.

Please note following the GoogleSheet, we can confirm a spot for the following students to be on the bus to and/or from ISB. PLEASE double-check this and if your child is missing from the list or you have changed your mind, please send Coach Oh an email directly ( The Bus will leave no later then 5:35am for students who are running late but we would prefer to leave on time at 5:30am.

Bus list

SYTYCD Final Details

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Dear Primary and Lower Secondary SYTYCD Teams,

Please note we are just about all ready for the main event this Wednesday 6th November. Below please see final details about where your child should be on the day as well as a reminder of the schedule. Please note we will be based in the “Boys Changing Room” on the third Floor. Directions to this room can be found at the bottom of the post.


FIRSTLY PLEASE NOTE we will have one additional rehearsal tomorrow from 7:30-9:40am in the auditorium. Email communication has been sent to the teachers informing them. On the day of the event, please note your child should arrive in the Auditorium at 6:50am for final practice on stage. Please ensure your child brings their school uniform to change into after the event.


Please note your child should arrive in the Auditorium at 6:20am for final practice on stage. Please ensure your child brings their school uniform to change into after the event.


SYTYCD Schedule

Directions to “Boys” Changing room:

As you enter the AC Foyer (before you enter the Auditorium) please take a left and go through the double doors (Picture 1) and past the bathrooms. Go up the stairs to the third floor and take a right going through the double doors with glass (“Band Suite 1”, Picture 2). Please walk past the band rooms to the end of the corridor and head out the doors on your left with the blacked-out windows, this will take you to the third floor of our auditorium. Take the first door on the right (Picture 3) which will have “KIS”(“C313”) on the door on the day.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

ISB Swimfest 2019 (UPDATE 2/11/19)

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Dear Swim Parents,

KIS has successfully entered ISB Swimfest 2019 which is taking place on November 9-10. Please note due to the competitiveness of this event KIS will be taking a squad specific team of 53 students. Please note that for those who have not been selected, Coach Sathit feels they require a little further training before attending an event of this standard but we will look to include your child in future events. Please see the list of students selected for ISB Swimfest 2019 below:

  • Grade 1: Arthur,
  • Grade 2: Karol, Maya, Nada,
  • Grade 3: Guy, Mia G., Pancake, Pauline, Peace, Vudh
  • Grade 4: Arj, Bujji, June, Patrick, Vin
  • Grade 5: Ben, Brian, Cali, Ella, Eve, Jill, Kana, Maya, Mikli, Praew, Thee, Wei Wei
  • Grade 6: Bia, Jane, Jessica, Najann. Olivia, Poon
  • Grade 7: Aimee, Alexandre, Caden, Jean, Prim, Shintaro, Ty
  • Grade 8: Franek, Jayden, Maddi, Pann, Prue, Simon
  • Grade 9: Hana, Jiji, Laura,
  • Grade 10: Gunn, Kym, Luca
  • Grade 11: Tate

All swimmers have been accepted along with the events they will be competing in. Please see below the student’s events that they will be swimming in. Please look at Event number and the tentative schedule below to see which events are on Saturday and which are on Sunday.

isb swimfest entries by name (inlcuding Relay)

If you look at the tentative schedule (released by ISB) below you will notice Saturday is split in half with the 8&Unders and 9-10 Year olds competing in the morning and 11-12, 13-14 and 15&Over swimming in the afternoon. Please note that closer to the event we will receive students Heats and Lane numbers from ISB and we will share this with you.

Tentative Schedule

New Swim Parents:

ISB Swimfest is one of the biggest International School swim event in Bangkok with a 1,000 students competition from schools in AISAA, BISAC, TISAC as well as Swim academies around Thailand. KIS has attended the last 4 years and while we are not able to compete with the squad sizes of some of the bigger schools we have made huge improvements each year with our points doubling nearly every year and climbing the leader board each year.

Due to the mass number of students competing at the competition, each event will have multiple heats due to ISB’s swimming pool having 10 lanes. For example last years, most events had over 50 students competing per event, which would mean there were at least 5 heats per event. I would highly recommend that your child brings a book to read or maybe cards play with, so they have something to do while they wait for their events.

Traveling option:

With the traveling to and from ISB, KIS will provide transportation to and from ISB. The bus will leave KIS car park at 5:30am and return back to KIS at approx. 6pm on Saturday. Sunday the bus will leave KIS at 6:00am and will return at approx. 2:00 pm on Sunday. If you would like to bring your child to the event yourself, you must ensure you met the team near the pool 15 minutes before our warm up time. We would highly recommend you aim to come 30 minutes before as traffic leading to ISB is likely to be bad with so many students attending. Please note it is MANDATORY for your child to participate in the warm-up. The meeting point will be in the ISB gymnasium located next to the pool.

Please click here to indicate if your child will be attending and if they will take the KIS Bus to ISB and/or back to KIS. Additionally ISB usual give out either a free T-Shirt or towel. In case they are giving out shirts, please indicate your child’s shirt size on the link as well so we can collect this on your behave. Please use your child’s EDU account to edit the file by Monday 4th November.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me ( at any time.

Harrow Cup 2019

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KIS has successfully entered our U9 Boys, U9 Girls, U11 Girls, U13 Boys, and U15 Boys team into the Harrow Cup. Please note that the U11 Boys category was full with 6 hours of the invitation being sent out and we just missed out.

About Harrow Cup:

For Parents who are new, Harrow Cup is a Football Tournament with schools from AISAA, BISAC, TISAC as well as Football Academies from Bangkok. It is a great competition for our students to gain valuable experience as they get to face a variety of different styles of football. The Tournament is split into two with the Girls’ side of the Tournament happening in the morning (7:30am-12:30pm) and the Boys in the Afternoon (11:50am-5pm). Please note we expect to receive the schedule by next week Monday and will update this post and inform you via SMS. For the time being please make sure you and your child are free to attend the event.

Bus, Confirmation of Attendance and Team List

Please see selected students for each team below. We will be providing a Bus from KIS to Harrow (students only) with the Girls departing at 6:30am and returning by 1:30pm and the Boys departing at 11am and returning by 6pm. Please note if you will be taking your child directly to Harrow, please ensure you arrive at Harrow by 7:15am for Girls and 11:40am for Boys. If selected we need you to confirm your child is able to attend and if they will be taking the bus with us from KIS by either:

  1. filling out the following GoogleSheet (click here) BUT please note you MUST be signed into your child’s KIS EDU account on Google to fill in the document.
  2. or emailing Coach Oh at Please email Coach Oh saying “Yes/No my child __(name)__ Grade __ will be coming to Harrow Cup and they will/won’t be taking the Bus to Harrow”


New Welcoming Ceremony

Harrow will be trialing a new welcoming ceremony at this Tournament and will need everyone’s support to make it happen. In order for it to happen Harrow have requested the following:

1. Coaches & Staff- will help to arrange our teams along the walkway for the opening parade. Please look at the attached file for order of schools, both on the walkway and pitch side. Order of teams is arranged in number of entrees to the tournament.
2. Parents help is needed to form a tunnel at the bottom of the stairs leading to the field. I will help point out the area to parents who attend the event.
“The teams will be lined up along the walkway where they will be lead onto the pitches to the CHAMPIONS League anthem, from here they will go through the parent tunnel and end up lining up alongside the pitch to the Thai and English national anthems. After this, they will go to the pitches to start the games.”
Please see the schedule for these welcoming ceremonies below:
  • 7:30am- Please have your teams lined up in the correct order along the walkway.
  • 7:40am- Children will start to enter the fields.
  • 7:50am- National Anthems.
  • 7:55am- Teams will be located to their playing areas. Games are due to start late but because of the 5 minute buffer in between games, this will be caught within the 4th round of fixture.
  • 11:50am- Please have your teams lined up in the correct order along the walkway
  • 12:05pm- Children will start to enter the fields
  • 12:20pm- National Anthems
  • 12:30pm- Teams will be located to their playing areas. Games are due to start late but because of the 5 minute buffer in between games, this will be caught within the 4th round of fixture.

AISAA G10-U Boys & Girls Football Tournaments

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Dear G10-U Boys and Girls Football Parents,

Please be reminded that the G10-U Football Tournaments will take place this Sunday 3rd November with the Boys going to Concordian and the Girls at Berkeley. Please note both buses will be leaving KIS at 7:15am with the Girls returning by 12:45pm and the Boys returning by 1:45pm. If you are taking your child directly to the event, please inform Coach Oh (

Team selection can be found by clicking HERE, please use the password shared in the SMS. If selected, please ensure your child brings correct shoes, shin guards and KIS Football Uniform. Please see both schedule below:

UPDATE – G10U boys football tournament 2019

G10U Girls Football Tournament 2019

AISAA Primary Swim Meet @KIS

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Please note next Tuesday (29th October) will be the AISAA Primary Swim Meet which will be held at KIS. Please note this is AISAA’s Friendly swim meets and there will be no medals awarded to swimmers. We have looked to include all our swimmers with nearly all swimmers swimming in at least 2 events. Please note your child may be swimming a stroke that they may not feel is their strongest and that is fine as Coach Sathit and Coach Kate will be testing some in different strokes to see how they do.


Please note on the day we will have some restrictions as to where you (Parents) may go. Please note this is to ensure the event runs smoothly without interruption. If you will come to cheer your child and KIS swimmers on, please stick to the “PARENTS & GUESTS” seated area at the pool (see picture below). You will be able to get to the seating area via the doors at the walk-way which is to the right of the Sport’s Hall doors(see picture below). Please DO NOT enter the Sport Halls, this will only be open for PE Classes. Lastly please do not go to the third floor of Building 5 to watch through the glass as there will be secondary classes taking place. Lastly please ensure that you use the bins provided as we would like to keep our Aquatics center clean and beautiful!


*Please stick to the GREEN “Parents & Guests” section to ensure the event runs smoothly*


*Please enter through doors boxed in GREEN and DO NOT enter the doors boxed in RED*

Logistics, Events, and Meet Program

Please see below the start and finish time for the day as well as students events and Meet Program. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me (

  • Please arrive at school before 7:45 and meet Coach Sathit and Coach Kate in front of the canteen. Coach Sathit and Coach Kate will brief the students before taking everyone up to the pool for our warm-up
  • Finish time: 11am
  • What to bring:
    • Students should come to school in their KIS TEAM shirt and PE shorts with their KIS Swimsuit underneath
    • They should bring their school uniform in their bag to change into after the event. NO STUDENT WILL BE DISMISSED FROM SCHOOL. As part of our coaching policy students must keep up with their school work, therefore everyone is expected to return to class after the event.
    • Swim Cap (white)
    • Goggles
    • Towel and soap/shampoo

Student’s Events

kis entries by name

AISAA Primary Meet Program

aisaa primary meet 2019 program 28.10.19