2019 AISAA Battle of the Band: Results

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Dear Parents,

We are happy to announce the results of the 2019 AISAA Battle of the Bands with KIS winning 2 out of 4 trophies. Please see top 3 final results:

Primary Lower Secondary High School
1) Breaking Band






2) Blank Thrills




Back Space


3) Vapour Cookies


Golden Dragons





Judges’ Scoresheet and Performance Video

Please note we have shared each Band’s Scoresheet and Performance Video with the student via their KIS EDU account. Please note as part of child protect these will be restricted to KIS EDU accounts only and should you wish to share this with Family or Friends please download a copy of the file. DO NOT SHARE THE ORIGINAL FILE VIA GOOGLE. Those that do share the original will be delete from having access to the file.

Additionally you can see the students performance below but please note you MUST BE LOGGED INTO YOUR CHILD’S KIS EDU ACCOUNT

Breaking Band


Vapour Cookies






The Doppler Effect







AISAA G10-U & G7-U Table Tennis Results

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G10-U,  we had Pin made the knock out stages, and she went on to win Bronze. G10-U came 4th in overall with 6 players (4 boys and 2 girls).

G7-U, Poon and Muffin made knock out. Muffin lost in Quarter finals, but Poon made it to the finals. Regrettably, he was unable to beat the opponent who was ranked 7th for U13 in Thailand. G7-U Team came 3rd in overall with 6 players (4 boys and 2 girls).

We strongly recommend our girls who are interested in Table Tennis to join our school team so that we can have a full squad with a better result in the future.

G3-U Development Basketball Games

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Dear G3-U Development Basketball Parents,

We are happy to announce that this Friday (22nd March) we will have our first friendly match at home to Regents. We apologies for the short notice of this match as we were confirming the venue of the game. The game will be held in the KIS new Sports Hall and will start at 1pm and should finish at 1:50pm. For the game, please see selected students below and we please ask that students wear their KIS PE uniform as well as appropriate shoes. Students should change into their PE during lunch (teachers will help remind them) and will be dismissed from class at 12:25pm. I will met the students at the canteen before taking them up to the Sports Hall for their warm-up with Coach Oh and Coach Poy.

  • Grade 2: Ava, Bo, Godd, Ken, Lanna, Niska, Pancake, Pauline, Peace, Porche, Rella, Un
  • Grade 3: Arj, Arty, Christian, Ciara, Gadi, Leo X., Max, Pim Pim, Zoom

Additionally we would like to informed you of a 2nd game the Boys and Girls will have against Concordian on Friday 3rd May. Please mark this down in your calendars as we know it is a long weekend that weekend and we would like to ensure all students can play and get some game time. It will be at KIS and will also be played at 1pm. We will announce student selection the week before.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at sam@edu.kis.ac.th. Thank you for your continued support.

Tennis is On the Way!

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Two of KIS Wolves participated in tennis tournaments around Bangkok.

Mario, Grade 6, participated in AISAA Tennis Tournament for Grade 8 category. He enjoyed playing in the tournament against upper grade players from other schools, and he had learned a lot also made new friends from the tournament.



A-Na, 5 year-old KG student, had an incredible performance in LTAT Tennis 10s Tournament last weekend. With the result of First Runner-up in U6 (Boys & Girls) category, KIS Sports would like to congratulate her on this success, and hope she continues well and better in the future.

image2 (1)image3 (1)

image1 (2)


P.S. KIS Sports Team encourages parents to support Tennis to be one of our mainstream sports. AISAA is our main tournament for Secondary School Division, and if your child is interested in participating in the future, you can visit KIS Sports Department at SEA or email Coach Sam (sam@edu.kis.ac.th) or Coach Oh (rattapon.bo@edu.kis.ac.th) for further details.

2nd Annual AISAA Battle of the Bands

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Dear Parents,

We are excited to bring your the 2nd Annual AISAA Battle of the Bands which will be held at KIS next Tuesday (19th March) from 9am-2pm. KIS will be entering 5 bands in the competition (2 Primary, 1 Lower Secondary and 2 High School), please see the bands and students apart of them below: 

Rehearsal and Event Schedule

On Monday 18th March we will be giving our bands time to practice on the Auditorium stage. Please see the schedule below for those practice times:

  • 11:20-11:45am: Vapour Cookies
  • 11:45-12:10pm: Breaking Band
  • 12:35-1pm: Spades part 1
  • 2:50-3:10pm: Spades part 2
  • 3:10-4:05pm: ColdFlame
  • 4:05-4:50pm: The Doppler Effect

Please see the tentative schedule for the day below. Additionally you may find the Adjudication Criteria (Adjudication Criteria – BoB) and the profile of our 4 judges who will be grading all schools on the day (Judges Profile BoB 2019).

BoB 2019 Schedule

On the Day:

On the day we would like all Band members (except The Doppler Effect) to report to the auditorium and ask that bands please sit in their rows. The front rows of chairs will be dedicated to bands & their coaches, back chairs will be dedicated to parents & guest, and the stands at the very back will be for KIS class who would like to come and see some of the performances. Students should ensure they bring there class materials for any classes they will have after 1:30, all students are expect to return to class.

The Doppler Effect: Band members will attend class until the completion of the Primary and Lower Secondary Categories and will be excused from class at 10:15am. At the end of the event they will return to class.


Should you have any questions, please feel free to drop me an email (sam@edu.kis.ac.th). We wish all our bands the best of luck and look forward to seeing you at the event. Go WOLVES!


AISAA Secondary Swim Gala 2019

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Dear Parents,

Please note this Friday will be the AISAA Secondary Swim Gala at Concordian. Please note the AISAA Gala is the event where students can win medals and all schools complete for overall age group trophies. Please note we are only allowed to enter one student per event and we will be taking a specific 22-student squad to the event. Selected students are allowed to swim a maximum of 3 individual events and 2 relays. Please see selected students below and their events:

  • Grade 6: Aimee, Alexandre, Jean, June, Ty
  • Grade 7: Albert, Lola, Maddi, Pann, Prue, Simon
  • Grade 8: Gene, Hana, Laura, Oscar, Weizhi
  • Grade 9: Gunn, Kym, Luca
  • Grade 10: Szilvi, Tate
  • Grade 11: Guillermo

Transport and what to bring?

The bus will be leaving at 7:15am from the Secondary school entrance. Bus students must make their own way into school to make the swim-bus on time. Students should have their KIS Swim suit on underneath their KIS TEAM shirt and PE shorts. Additionally they will need to bring their towel, goggle and KIS Swim Cap. We are expect to return by 1:30pm and therefore students should bring their School uniform to change into and any learning materials they need for their 6th and 7th period classes.

If you would like to take your child directly to Concordian, please ensure you inform either myself (sam@edu.kis.ac.th) or SEA.

Introducing our New Lifeguard and Her Roles

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SEA would like to welcome Khun Mai, our new Lifeguard, to KIS family. Here is her brief profile related to aquatic activities.

She is a former Women’s Water Polo Gold Medalist in 28th SEA Games 2015 in Singapore. She has been a swimming and playing water polo for more than 15 years, and now she becomes our Lifeguard for both our Primary Pool and Aquatic Centre.



Mai06-20150619100257 1024_gjid7fj66db9abjke6igk Polo

What does a Lifeguard do?


The role of a Lifeguard is to monitor and supervise aquatic activities. They are in charge of making sure all users follow the pre-established security measures to avoid injuries and other accidents. Lifeguards are also responsible for responding to any emergency that may occur in a timely manner.


img Pool lifeguard

Primary Responsibilities

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of common tasks Lifeguards are required to complete.

Patrolling and monitoring pool areas:

  • Observing activities in designated areas;
  • Looking out for safety hazards and infractions;
  • Checking environmental conditions (e.g. weather) to avoid hazards;
  • Preventing users from going into the water when weather conditions are bad;
    • warning users of potential hazards and safety procedures; and enforcing safety procedures.
    • Inspecting rescue and recreational equipment (e.g. ropes, flotation devices, or diving boards) to ensure correct functioning:
  • Writing reports based on state of equipment; and requesting repairs and replacements, if any.
  • Responding to emergencies in a timely manner:
  • Rescuing distressed users when necessary;
  • Carrying distressed users to a safe location using flotation devices;
  • Examining distressed users to assess their situation;
  • Administering first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) when needed;
  • Work closely with school nurse to support emergency situation regarding swimming pool injuries
  • Activating the alarm and closing the swimming pool/beach in case of an extreme emergency; and
  • Evacuating the area when necessary (e.g. fire in the building, a power outage, natural disasters among others).
  • Writing and filing reports on pool condition, emergencies, and other relevant information.
  • Participating in safety procedures

Daily Tasks

  • Assembling rescue supplies and equipment.
  • Monitoring pool activities.
  • Calling out infractions and ensuring swimmers are complying with all safety rules and regulations.
  • Monitoring weather conditions and other potential hazards.
  • Regulating chemical levels in pools.
  • Ensuring the pool is kept clean (e.g. bathrooms, ground areas, organizing the equipment).

Season 3 Coaching Update

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Dear Parents and Students,

Please note that some of our coaching classes still have some spaces with some class requiring a few additional students to run fully. You may click HERE to see our current sign-ups so far . Please note any class under “Additional Students Required” will not start this week as we wait to have additional students sign-up.


Additional Students Required (classes start next week, sign-up by Friday 8th):

  • G6-11 Boys Football (Wed): Currently at 7 students and we require 1 more boy to open.
  • G6-11 Girls Football (Tue): Currently at 6 students and we require 2 more girls to open.
    • Should both Boys and/or Girls Football classes not gain enough students we will look at possibly combining the classes together.
  • G10-U Table Tennis (Tue & Fri): Currently have 1 boy and 1 girl signed up and we require 2 more students (boys and/or girls) to open.

Spaces Still Available (classes start this week, sign-up by Wednesday 6th latest):

  • G7-U Badminton (Mon & Wed): Currently have 10 students (6 boys and 4 girls)
  • G10-U Badminton (Wed & Thu): Currently have 8 students (4 boys and girls)
  • G6-11 Girls Basketball (Thu): Currently at 6 students and would welcome having more students sign up
  • G7-U Table Tennis (Thu & Fri): Currently at 6 students (5 boys and 1 girl) and would welcome having 3 more girls sign-up to complete the team

Full Class:

  • G6-11 Boys Basketball (Tue)


For any late sign-ups to classes that still require students, please contact myself (sam@edu.kis.ac.th) or Coach Oh (rattapon.bo@edu.kis.ac.th)

AISAA Varsity Basketball Tournaments

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Dear Parents,

Please be reminded that this Sunday (3rd March) is the AISAA Varsity Boys and Girls Basketball Tournaments. Students were reminded via email last week. The Boys will be traveling to Berkeley and the Girls will be at KIS. The Bus for the boys will be leaving at 7:30 and should arrive back by 2:30pm, if you wish to take your child directly to Berkeley please inform myself (sam@edu.kis.ac.th) or SEA. For Varsity Girls please ensure your child is at KIS before 8:30am and we should finish at 1:30pm.

Please see selected students below, if selected please remind your child to bring the correct shoes and KIS Basketball Uniform:

Varsity Boys:

  • Grade 10: Putter Yash, Yiannis
  • Grade 11: Alex, Guy, Kenji, Mai, Mark, Pavan, Peak, Poom

Varsity Girls:

  • Grade 9: Idea, Nadia
  • Grade 10: Sejal
  • Grade 11: Jackie, Nana
  • Grade 12: Aki, Arsineh, Kiara, Petra


Please see the Boys Tournament Schedule below:

AISAA Varsity Boys basketball tournament 2019

Please see the Girls Tournament Schedule below:

AISAA Varsity Girls basketball tournament

Season 3 Secondary Coaching Changes

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Dear Secondary Parents and Students,

Please note that Season 2 Sports for AISAA will be coming to a close at the end of this week (March 1st) and Season 3 starting in March 4th. With this we will be doing a new sign-up (NO ONE HAS A PLACE, EVERYONE MUST RE_SIGN UP IF THEY WANT TO TRAIN) for some Sports, please see below the sports and their coaching days that will be on offer in Season 3:

  • *Badminton G6-10 (*NEW*) will be split into two age groups; G7-U on Mondays and G10-U on Thursdays, with both on Wednesday. Please note these classes will run until their Tournament with G10-U being on Wednesday 24th April (9am-12pm) at Concordian and G7-U on Thursday 25th April (1pm-4pm) at Berkeley. At the first training session we will be discussing the possibility of running a Saturday training session on 20th April before school return from Songkran on 22nd April to ensure students are ready for their Tournaments. Further details will be shared if students agree.
  • Basketball G6-11 will go into the off-season with training being split by gender for the first 30 students Grades 6-10 to sign up. Boys will be on Tuesdays coached by Coach Poy and Girls will be on Thursdays coached by Coach Ben.
  • Football G6-11 will go into the off-season with training being split by gender for the first 30 students Grades 6-10 to sign up. Boys will be on Wednesdays and Girls will be on Tuesdays  both coached by Coach Martin.
  • Swimming G6-11 will remain on Monday & Friday, with students selected morning session (Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday). There is no sign-up for this as it was complete in Term 1. New students may speak to Coach Sam or Coach Oh about possibly joining.
  • *Table Tennis G6-10 (*NEW*) will be split into two age groups; G7-U on Thursdays and G10-U on Tuesday, with both on Friday. Please note these classes will run until their Tournament on Wednesday 20th March (G10-U 9am-12pm and G7-U 12:30pm-3:30pm) at Concordian.
  • Volleyball: G10-U will go into on-season with twice a week training with Boys on Tuesday & Friday and Girls on Monday & Tuesday. There is no sign-up for this as it was complete in Term 1. New students may speak to Coach Sam or Coach Oh about possibly joining.
  • There will be no training for Grade 12 students as they begin preparation for their end of year Exams and Assessments. Grade 12 students are welcome to pop into training session pending conversation with Mr Daniel to make sure they are academically qualified.



*Badminton and *Table Tennis for G7-U and G10-U:

Please note the week before Badminton and Table Tennis tournaments we will be selecting 8 students (4 boys and 4 girls) to attend per age group. For Badminton this will be a Boys Singles, Girls Singles, Boys Doubles, Girls Doubles and Mixed Doubles and for Table Tennis this will be 4 Boys singles and 4 Girls singles. These sessions will consistent of general practice and game play with trials being done the week before the Tournament.

30-Student sign-up cap and Waiting list:

Please note that all new sign-ups we will allow a maximum of 30 students to sign-up and after this student can sign-up to the waiting list. Please note due to the inconsistency of some students attendance to training in Season 1&2 there will be strict attendance rules. We will be kindly asking student who miss more then two classes to leave in order to give students who are on the waiting list and able to commit a chance to play. Students should only sign-up for coaching which they commit to and attend nearly all sessions.

Sign-up will be open from Wednesday 27th 7:20am till Friday 1st March 4pm at SEA or with Coach Sam or Coach Oh.


Should you have any question about Season 3 sports sign-up, please feel free to email me (sam@edu.kis.ac.th).