Varsity Football Season Has Just Started!

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We would like to congratulate our Varsity Boys Football team who played their first match against Berkeley International School with the victory by 7-2! Also, the girls defeated Wells International School with 4-0 in their kick-off match last week; unfortunately, they have lost to Berkeley tightly by 1-2. Please support our KIS Wolves in their next matches, and you can get an update for upcoming fixtures in KIS Sports Blog.

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IMG_0530 (1)IMG_0534

KIS “in house” Gala Saturday 12th October

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Dear Parents,

As previously mentioned this Saturday will be the KIS “in house” Gala where students will be able to get their first times of the year for 25m or 50m, depending on their age. We will be using the times from this event to track students’ development as well as use them for our ISB Swimfest selection.

Please note we will start with warm-up at 8:30am (in the pool) and the main event starting at 9am. The first session will be 25m races for 6&Under, 7-8 and 9-10 and we expect this session to finish just before 10:15am. The second session will be 50m races for 11-12, 13-14 and 15&Over and we expect this to conclude at 11:10am. Once your child has finished all their event, you are free to leave but we would love for you to stay till the end. There will be juice, water, and fruit for students.

Please see students events as well as the Meet Program for the day below:

kis gala meet program 3 KIS in house Gala Student events

G5-U Boys and Girls AISAA Basketball Tournaments

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Dear Parents,

Please be reminded that our AISAA G5-U Basketball Tournaments will be happening on Thursday 10th October with the Boys at Concordian and the Girls at KIS. Please note the boys Tournament will start at 8:30am and finish just before 12pm with the bus departing from KIS at 7:20am and returning by 12:45pm.  The Girls Tournament will start at 8:50am and finish just before 1pm.

Final selection for both Tournaments can be found HERE, please use the password shared in the SMS. If selected please ensure your child brings their KIS Basketball Uniform, appropriate shoes and a water bottle to use and refill at each event. KIS will provide snacks, lunch, water, and Gatorade for the Tournament.

Please see both Tournament Schedules below:

AISAA G5-U girls basketball tournament 2019 AISAA G5-U Boys Bball Tournament

G7-U Boys and Girls AISAA Basketball Tournaments

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Dear Parents,

Please be reminded that our AISAA G7-U Basketball Tournaments will be happening on Tuesday 8th October with the Boys at Wells and the Girls at Berkeley. Please note both Tournaments are scheduled to start at 1pm and finish just before 5pm. Please note both teams will depart from KIS at 11:50am and will return by 5:45pm.

Final selections for both Tournaments can be found HERE, please use the password shared in the SMS. If selected please ensure your child brings their KIS Basketball Uniform, appropriate shoes and a water bottle to use and refill at each event. KIS will provide lunch, water and gatorade for the Tournament.

Please see both Tournament Schedules below:

AISAA G7U Girls Tournament AISAA G7-U Boys Tournament

Secondary AISAA Swim Meet @Concordian

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Dear Secondary Swim Parents,

Next Thursday (3rd Oct) will be the Secondary Swim Meet at Concordian. Our G7-U, G10-U and Varsity teams will be looking to set their first times of the year. Please note this is AISAA’s Friendly swim meets and there will be no medals awarded to swimmers. With this in mind, please note we will be looking to trial some students with different strokes as well as trialing some students in older age groups.

Please see the leaving times, student event list, and further details about the event below. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me (

AISAA Secondary Swim Friendly – Thursday 4th October

  • Leave time: 7:15am
    • Students should come to school wearing their KIS Swimsuit underneath their PE Shorts and KIS TEAM shirt.
    • Parents who would like to take their child directly to Concordian, please inform Coach Oh via email ( by Wednesday 2nd October 3pm.
  • Return time: 12:10pm (expected finish at Concordian is 11:15am)
    • All students are expected to return to school for the final two periods of school
  • Students need to bring:
    • KIS Swim Cap (white)
    • Towel and Goggles
    • KIS uniform to change into after the event

Secondary Student Event list

SS - Meet Entries

Wolves in AISAA: September 2019 Edition

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Here are some updates from our KIS teams in AISAA and friendly matches during September 2019. Basketball and volleyball teams have been continuing their competitions with better and satisfying results meanwhile football teams started their season with  a very good outcome.

Results from previous matches are below.

G5-U Boys Basketball  vs Concordian 29-16    vs Wells 24-10

G5-U Girls Basketball  vs Concordian 18-5   vs Wells 10-14

G7-U Boys Basketball   vs Wells 32-12   vs Anglo Singapore 30-36

G7-U Girls Basketball    vs Wells 18-6   vs Anglo Singapore 14-21

G10-U Boys Basketball   vs Anglo Singapore 29-64

G10-U Girls Basketball   vs Anglo Singapore 15-27

G10-U Boys Football       vs Wells 5-3   vs Concordian 1-3

G10-U Girls Football       vs Berkeley 2-5

Varsity Boys Football       vs KMIDS 3-0

Varsity Boys Volleyball    vs  Ekamai 1-2   vs MUIDS 2-0

Varsity Girls Basketball    vs MUIDS 0-2


IMG_7913IMG_7891 IMG_7882 IMG_7895P1097838 P1097745 P1097702 P1097623 P1097616 P1097563 P1097551 line_781873779860445 line_781870571536717 line_781775821190900 line_781773727447863 line_781767657359791 line_781770547530135 line_781766031555638 IMG_9092 IMG_9044IMG_9149 IMG_8030 IMG_8014 IMG_8009 IMG_7992

Swim Coaching Update (Coaches, Morning training Primary, KIS Gala, future events)

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Dear Swim Coaching Parents,

Firstly, please may I ask that you read this entire post CAREFULLY. There have been a lot of issues with our Sports letters and posts not being read carefully. Please note in this post I would like to share with you some details regarding morning training for Primary, KIS Gala (in house) and future events we plan to attend this year. Firstly please click HERE to read about some new coaches we have supporting our Primary Coaching.

Primary Morning Training:

Coach Sathit and his team have been using the first few weeks to continue their assessment of all the swimmers and have been slowly allocated students to A, B, and C squads. With these three squads, we will be allocating a morning training session for each one, where Coach Sathit and Coach Kate can focus the training of these morning sessions. Squad A will be on Tuesdays, Squad B Thursdays and Squad C on Wednesdays with all morning coaching starting at 6:50am (STUDENTS IN THE POOL BY 6:50AM) and will finish at 7:30am.

We will be starting morning swimming the week of September 30th (first lesson for Squad A 1st Oct, Squad C 2nd Oct, Squad B 3rd Oct). Please note all morning Coaching will be at the Aquatics pool with the Sports hall being open from 6:35am for students to go change. Students must go to their allocated Squad day and can NOT pick their morning training. SEA will be providing students with breakfast after training. Please see squads below:

Primary Squad A, B, C

New Parents, please note we introduced morning swim training 3 years ago with great success. Thanks to morning swimming we found our swimmers were developing quicker and setting better times. While some students will initially find it quite difficult, once in the routine and they build up their strength it will be easier as the year goes on.

KIS Gala Saturday 12th October

As part of the further development of our swim program, we would like to start running “in house” (only KIS students) Galas for our Coaching Team (G1-U, G3-U, G5-U, G7-U, G10-U, Varsity). We plan to host one at the beginning and end of the academic year. The first one we plan to have on Saturday 12th October from 9am-12pm (8:30am warm-up). These events will be mandatory for all swimmers as it will allow us to help track your child’s progress and ensure all of our swimmers are developing smoothly. It will also allow you to see your child’s time improvements.

Additionally please note we will be using this event to make our selection for the upcoming “ISB Swimfest”. We plan to take a squad specific team to this event and if you would like your child to be considered, it is important they come to set a time. ISB requires that all students have “times” when entering the competition.

Future Events

While we would like to take all our swimmers to every event, some events have limits regarding how many students we may enter. Additionally, the style of competition won’t suit certain levels as well as we may feel your child needs further development before competing. Please see the full list of competitions we plan to attend this year, please make sure you keep these dates free in case your child is selected. We will be sending out a post about selected students, their events and further details about each event 3-6 weeks before.

  • Thursday 3rd October: AISAA Secondary Meet @ Concordian. We will look to take all swimmers if possibly but please note we are limited to 2 swimmers per event. Please note this is a friendly meet and no medals will be given out.
  • Saturday 12th October: KIS Gala #1. KIS students only
  • Tuesday 29th October: AISAA Primary Meet @ KIS. Selected Squad as we are limited to two swimmers per event. Please note this is a friendly meet and no medals will be given out.
  • Saturday & Sunday 9th&10th November: ISB Swimfest @ISB. A selected squad of 40-60 students
  • Saturday 7th December: Prep Puppy Cup @ Prep Primary Campus (Sukhumvit 53). This is a development swim meet and will be for still developing/new swimmers and our G1-U Development team.
  • Saturday 15th February: ANS Sprint Challenge @Amnuay Slipa. We will be planning to enter our entire team if possible. We have won trophies for 4th (2019) and 5th (2018) place at our last two visits.
  • Saturday & Sunday 30th February & 1st March: STA Marlin Mayhem. A selected squad of 30-40 students
  • Sunday 15th March: AISAA Secondary Gala @ Berkeley. We will be limited to 1 student per event, therefore we will be taking a specific squad.
  • Tuesday 5th May: AISAA Primary Gala @ KIS. We will be limited to 1 student per event, therefore we will be taking a specific squad.
  • Saturday 16th May: KIS Gala #2. KIS students only and we will have a small party to wrap up the school year



Swim Coaching Support

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Dear Primary Swim Parents,

As you may have noticed we have had some new coaches coming to help with our Primary Coaching on Mondays and Fridays. This is to ensure student safety as well as provide a better student-coach ratio allowing the student to take more from training. Additionally, Coach Sathit has and will occasionally bring current and ex Youth National Thai swimmers to help demonstrate drills to the students. The last two weeks we have had Tanapat Katatikaranan help with demonstration and he specializes in Backstroke and long-distance Freestyle (previously won a silver medal in 400m at Asian Age Group in Indonesia).

I would like to take this time to introduce our support coaches who will attend every Monday and Friday to you. Firstly we have Coach Benjaporn “Ben” Sriphanomthorn who has been swimming and competing since the age of 6. She has won over 10 medals at SEA games between 2009-2015 as well as many more in other competitions. In 2017 she moved into Coaching and has worked at NIST and Denla as an assistant coach. She looks forward to working with KIS students and helping them to excel in swimming. Coach Ben will also help with G1-U Development Swim coaching on both Wednesday Morning and Friday.

Next, we have Coach Parin “Ton” Khemnajit who started swimming from the age of 11 but quickly found a love for the sport. He is currently attending Chulalongkorn University studying a Sport Science degree. He also works as a coach for Chulalongkorn Swim Club and recently attended the Thai National Championship at Kamphaeng Phet.

Lastly we have the support of our Secondary school swimmer Kym from Grade 10. Kym is keen to support our younger swimmers and inspiring them to improve their basic techniques. She will be supporting our assistant coaches while learning more about the role of a Coach. She currently holds some of our school records and her favorite stroke is Breaststroke.

KIS Wolves in AISAA Leauge with Kick-off Week

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The 2019-2020 AISAA League has just started since last week. KIS students participated in various sports such as basketball and volleyball. We look forward to having a great season this year with defending some champions. Please come and support us for upcoming games. Here are some photos from the league and well as results so far:

G5-U Boys vs Ekamai 25-23 W
G5-U Girls vs Ekamai 34-0 W
G7-U Boys vs Concordian 24-14 W
vs BCIS* 24-17 W
G7-U Girls vs Concordian 20-22 L
Varsity Boys vs Concordian 2-1 W (25-22,23-25,15-6)
vs Berkeley 1-2 L (26-24,17-25,13-15)
Varsity Girls vs Concordian 0-2 L (9-25,18-25)
vs Berkeley 2-1 W (23-25,25-13,15-7)
vs Concordian* 1-3 L (21-25,25-21,16-25,21-25)

*-Was a friendly game

IMG_3052 IMG_3057 IMG_3069 IMG_6678 IMG_6709 IMG_6730 IMG_6733 IMG_7082 IMG_7105 IMG_7120 IMG_7126 IMG_7310 IMG_7316 IMG_7336 IMG_7617 P1097031 P1097046 P1097083 P1097095

Primary Development & G3-U Boys Football Trial Results

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Dear Primary Parents,

Firstly a huge thank you to all the Students who have signed-up and tried out for the development teams last Friday. It can certainly be intimidating for students at such a young age to participate in a trial and it is fantastic to see our students being risk-takers. Please note that due to the ability shown by Boys in G3-U Basketball and the number of students that tried out for basketball, Coach Poy is happy to take all students. However please note for G3-U Girls Basketball and G1-U swimming not all students were selected as we feel some of the students need further development in their skills and technique as outlined in the selection criteria sent out in the letter (24th August).

Please see students who were selected for each team on the “KIS Coaching Teams” page. For Basketball please click here and for swimming please click here. Please note you will need to use the password sent out in the SMS in order to see final teams. If you see your child’s name on the GoogleSheet, congratulations, your child has been selected for that team. Please be reminded that all training will starts next week with their first session on 6th September and will run until 22nd May 2020.

If you do not see your child’s name under the sport and age group they tried out for, I am afraid this means your child was not selected. Please do continue to encourage your child to play sports and continue practicing. I would highly recommend signing up for afterschool in their related sport or practice with one of the many academies in Bangkok.

G3-U Boys Football:

Due to the Boys’ season not starting till January, Coach Ashley has decided that he would like to continue working with all of the boys till November before making his final selection. Through training and friendlies Coach Ashley will look to get a better idea of the ability of our boys. Please note we will not be giving out KIS Football uniform to students until a final selection has been made and we ask that students wear their KIS PE uniform for any future friendlies.