G.5 Home Learning 1st Feb

Dear Students,

1.  video on SEP for SDGs clip was attached for you to view. As you all already know that SEP stands for  Sufficiency economy Philosophy and  SDGs stand for Sustainable development goals, they are connected because we believed that if we follow SEP we could reach SDGs Goals.

2.  Second Video is in Thai.

Translation:  They are talking about SEP and SDGs Goal and the group of girl students mentioned goal no. 12 of SDGs( Responsible Consumption and Product), saying that they have used recycled materials to make many useful objects and one of the students was saying that all of us should be responsible and taking care of the environment. They also gave example such as bringing own water bottle to school instead of using plastic or paper cups and say ” no ” to plastic these would help the environment.



Have fun

Kru Pan and Kru Tik