Welcome to KG TAL 2019-2020

KG TAL and Culture Studies 2019-2020

Thai as an Additional Language (TAL) is for those students who are non-Thai Nationals and approaches language learning and culture from a basic formative stage, differentiated for the learning needs of the students and their level of language acquisition. TAL focus on basic communications, oral, written, and visual (viewing and presenting). By learning about the Thai language. The program nurtures an appreciation of Thai language. TAL also focuses on a communicative approach to helping students become more fluent and effective communicators who are expanding their awareness and understanding of Thai culture in cross-cultural situations. The Thai program also explores Thai culture and history including geography, the arts, customs, and governing systems.

Routine Communication for KG TAL: Students will get a communication folder on Monday and should return it by Thursday once every two weeks. It provides an opportunity for the parents to know the progress of their children.

If you need to communicate or more information regarding TAL program, please kindly contact Kru Pan : disyapa.si@edu.kis.ac.th

KG TAL General Goals (Phase 1)

  • To develop listening and speaking skills
  • To provide an environment that promotes reading and writing readiness
  • To provide a child centered environment
  • To respect a child’s individual language needs and development
  • To value language arts as a tool for expression communication and learning
  • To value non formal teaching situations as an integral and equally important part of language and social learning
  • To value the interconnections between all language areas
  • To recognize the importance of Thai holidays
  • To learn some traditional folk plays
  • To demonstrate good manner towards adults and general Thai etiquette
  • To understand and to have an awareness of Thai cultural values