Grade 3 TAL -Current Unit

Unit: Father’s Day วันพ่อ

G.3 students have learned about the father’s day, they’ve also made a card for their father. They practiced writing relevant sentences in Thai and they did a good job!


Unit: Changing Earth โลกที่กำลังเปลี่ยนไป

G.3 students have done with searching and exploring the changing earth. They used their perspective and research skill to design the difference of the earth in the past and present. They’ve also learned the vocabulary related to this unit.

IMG_2589 IMG_2590 IMG_2670 IMG_2672

Unit: Loy Krathong Day; Thai Culture

G3 learned and participated in Loy Krathong Day by making their own krathong. They really enjoyed the activities!

IMG_2409 IMG_2412 IMG_2439 IMG_2440



Unit: Myself; Body Parts

An Inquiry to Vocabulary about body parts

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