This term we will be thinking about colour. We will be learning to appreciate just how many colour shades the human eye can see. We will be discovering what complimentary colours are and why they are so magical. And we will be connecting more with our community as we ask them exactly what their favorite colour shade is from the million plus that the human eye can see. We will turn their favorite colours into codes that we can work with on the computer. 

We will then use those codes and details of other things our community loves to bump up our skills in Canva by making visual profiles for every member of our community. Then we will really be able to see the many ways in which we are all connected. And from there we will brainstorm ideas for our next community art projects. 

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What does our caring community really care about?

Working together as a team, children from Grades 1, 2, 4 & 5 have been finding out what our community really cares about and putting that information together into profiles in a way that will help us all get to know each other a little better.

You might start to see these profiles appear around the school, particularly in the new year, as we use them to find our shared passions and break the ice to open up new friendships. But you will definitely see them next week as they have been the inspiration for a caring community project led by four Grade 5 children.

Please support Jessica, Jida, Milky, Raymond & their team as they take action on all our behalves to sell the beautiful animal-themed bracelets that they and their mixed-grade team have been feverishly making for the past few weeks. The money they raise will be the first for the KIS Community Art Fund. The team have pledged to use it to buy observational drawing sketchbooks for our community to create a whole new way for us to connect.

What will everyone choose to draw? Who will draw the same things? What will what we draw reveal about us? Where and when – and with whom – will people take time to draw? How can we support each other as developing artists?

Caring community profiles 02 (1) READY Caring community profiles 02 READY Caring community profiles 03 10 READY Caring community profiles 07

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Butterfly guests in the art room today

We were very excited to have two special guests to the art room today. Ba Sanga & P Mam came to teach us how to make their beautiful butterflies out of wire and beads.

It was a whole school effort, with KG, grade ones and twos prepping the parts we needed in morning classes today and lunch club. Many thanks to KIS parents who got roped in to helping us out with that yesterday at Avani’s birthday party!!

The butterfly lunch club girls got a chance to work with Ba Sanga and P Mam before they had to go back to class and then G5B were the lucky ones to be taught how to put all those elements together into a final butterfly.

The kids made us proud as excellent hosts, using their Thai language skills to translate for non-Thai  speakers, including me, and to bond with our guests. We got to know the ladies a little bit better, taught how to make these wonderful butterflies and the kids particularly enjoyed a trick Ba Sanga & P Mam taught us for removing a bead from the middle of the wire without having to take all the ones before it off.

We hope to have more members of

our community coming to teach us in a series of workshops in the new year. Parents most welcome.

Watch this space.

IMG_9728 IMG_9673 IMG_9704 IMG_9717

4e0a789d-d4ed-4bd9-827c-d2ff72d67c19 (1) c663f870-d7f3-4494-8b81-f97e9816e79a

Caring community profiles 01

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Colour study

We’re taking a pitstop in our observational drawing of our community’s copper-wire artworks in order to do a colour study. Each of the wire artworks contains a number of clear beads. And the wonderful thing about for example a red bead is that it never appears just red. Why?

Did you know that the eye can see around 1 million different colour shades? And some special humans can even see up to 100 million. How many colour tones can your pet see?

Join us on our colour study!

IMG_9474 IMG_9478 IMG_9480 IMG_9463 (1)

Yuki, Grade 1


IMG_9466 (1)

Alex, Grade 1


IMG_9473 IMG_9472 (1)

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Drawing our copper wire artworks

The kids have been doing an amazing job of drawing copper wire artworks from our community as we focus our eyes on not just looking but really seeing. And on the top tips below for really growing ourselves as artists. Grab a sketchbook and following the tips with us!

Below are just a few examples of the kids’ work. Drop by the art room to see what your child has been working on.

    1. Make your subject as large as your hand/ face.
    2. Make your pencil as sharp as the tip of a sword.
    3. Don’t press too hard with your pencil.
    4. Only draw what you see with your eyes
    5. Look closely for detail.


First – Grade 1



Jamie, Pinn & Qing Qing – Grade 4



Patty – Grade 1



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Celebrating our creative community

Please join us in celebrating the work of our maids and guards who have joined us for the first time as we come together as a creative community to represent ‘caring community’ in wire.

Here is some of their work together with the inspiration behind it. The rest of their work will be on permanent display together with the kids’, teachers’ and parents’, once it comes back from the River City Exhibition.

If you see our talented maids and guards around the school, I am sure they would be very happy to hear what you think of their work.


IMG_7838 (3)



IMG_7557 (1)

IMG_7557 (2)



IMG_7838 (1)

Please email me – – if you would like me to pass on any comments. Many thanks.

The River City Exhibition (where KIS kids, teachers, maids & guards come together to represent a caring community in wire) runs until 7th October. The incredible artwork of our Diploma kids is also on display, along with the artwork of children from 9 other international schools around Bangkok. We’d love to hear what you think.

IMG_7535 (1) IMG_7551


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Our caring community

Thank you to all who came to represent a caring community in wire last week. It was a really harmonious experience and everyone created really beautiful work, with a meaningful message. You can see it all on display in the atrium, where the kids work will soon be joining it. We’re also really looking forward to seeing Veron & Meranda (G5)’s finished piece that they have been working on at home. It’s a great idea – watch this space.

Hope you’re all having a great week.


IMG_6740 IMG_6739 IMG_6738 IMG_6737 IMG_6736 IMG_6733 IMG_6732IMG_6730 IMG_6729 IMG_6728 IMG_6727 IMG_6726 IMG_6681

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What should a caring community look like?

It has been great working with so many of you as we come together to ask ourselves what a caring community should look like. And we can represent it in copper wire.

Thank you so much to G5 parents for joining us in the art room and sharing your skills. The kids loved it. As did I. And I hope you had fun too!

Very special thanks to Veron (Meranda’s mum) and Jewel (Isabella & Amanda’s mum) for sharing their great talents and specialism with wire work and jewelry. I hope we will have many more opportunities to work with them both again.

Parents are always welcome in the art room – email if you want to join us, any lesson:

If you haven’t already yet, be sure to join us outside Miss June’s room this Tuesday 4th September from around 2.40pm- 3.55pm to show us your idea of a caring community in copper wire. No previous skills needed – we’re here to support you.

IMG_6630 IMG_6681 IMG_6680 IMG_6676 IMG_6666 IMG_6662 IMG_6657 IMG_6650 IMG_6646 IMG_6643 IMG_6640 IMG_6638

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What should a caring community look like?

This is the big question we’ve been developing our answers to in art this term so far. And the kids have come up with some ingenious ways of representing their ideas in copper wire and beads.

Be sure to drop by the art room to see your child’s work so far.
As the heart of our community, we would love you to join us in answering this question.

All week after drop off and pick up, there will be the chance for you to come and represent in wire the ideas that really make a caring community for you.

You don’t need any experience, or even a clear idea yet – I will be there to support you. As will, fingers crossed, at some point this week, our two artist mums who specialize in wire work.

So join us from tomorrow (Tuesday 28th) after pick up on the three new tables outside Miss June’s room for our next community art project together. We look forward to seeing you there!

If you have skills to share, please don’t be shy – let me know:

We would love to learn from you.

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Great to see so many of you at the Student-led conferences!

Thanks for coming and creating with your kids!

IMG_4940 IMG_4983 IMG_4982 IMG_4981
IMG_4968 IMG_4964
IMG_4947 IMG_4943

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