Handball & Ball games tournament!

Just before the October break, students from Grades 1-5 took part in the annual House Sports Spirit Day which saw them pit their wits against each other in team ball games and handball.

During an exciting morning, Grades 1-2 played a super active version of ‘capture the flag’ where the students captured plenty of balls (instead of a flag) whilst trying not to be tagged.

Grade 3 were next up after break and produced some fabulous shooting and passing skills in their handball competition – quite an amazing achievement considering they have only started learning the activity this term. The anticipation was building and after lunch, and there was a frenzied atmosphere as Grades 4-5 began their handball games in the new sports hall to a crescendo of noise. All houses got behind their respective teams and cheered them on until they were out of breath! The teams all displayed quick passing, great defending and sharp shooting as well as commitment, desire and teamwork in one of the most exciting and close competitions ever seen at KIS.

Well done everybody – what an incredible day! Watch the video below for some highlights!

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