EY1 P.E. Blog

Term 1 AY 2021 – 2022

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Nikom (Mr. Max) Chuenchompoo

Physical Education Teacher PYP

Mr. Max

I am Nikom, largely known as ‘Mr. Max’

I am a certified teacher by The Teachers’ Council of Thailand. I have been teaching PE and swimming for 32 years, 23 years are at KIS. Prior to my teaching career I was a swimmer and won the gold medal backstroke at the 1983 Thailand University competition.

In my career at KIS, I have been very happy as a coach of KIS students of U9 and U11 boys and girls for 10 years winning 1 of 3 places in the TISAC swim meets. I am most proud of those students who are now grown up to be men and women. Most importantly, I have and still am very happy and very much enjoy teaching my students.

In view of education, I have a Bachelors and Masters degrees in Physical education from Prince Songkhla University and Kasetsart University respectively. My passion has always been teaching physical education and swimming.

In view of professional development, I have certification attending and participating in Making the PYP happen for the early years, basic first aid and AED training, swimming sport science SE Asia Conference 2014, Swim Australia Teacher of Swimming by ASCTA, swim Australia teacher of competitive swimming by ASCTA, to name a few.

I joined KIS in 1998 teaching PYP swimming. During my 23 years at KIS, a place where I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with a team of professionals. Currently, I teach PE and Swimming for EY1 & EY2 and swimming for EY3 and G1 students. Apart from my teaching job, I am a Superintendent of the Reserve Students of KIS International School (known as ‘Ror Dor’) and have been in this role for 15 years until the present.


These few weeks this is what we did for PE lessons.

We focus on games involving fundamental movement skills (agility, balance, body control and listening and doing). Additionally, students develop spacial awareness, locomotor skills, manipulative skills, hand-eye coordination when engaging in toy hunting game, pick up object game,  catch and throw game, and musical chair game.


EY1,  parents and students

Happy to welcome EY1 students to KIS although we will meet the first time on screen. I hope you will enjoy learning with Mr. Max.

Throughout the year, students will learn various movement skills working on exercises, engaging in ball games, basic gymnastics, athletics, and fun games. All these activities help create a healthy active lifestyle and overall well being for the students.

Mr. Max has enjoyed teaching the little ones and happy to see developments in every child physically and socially with active participation both at school and throughout the remote learning although it will be more fulfilling when we can see each other in person.

Thank you to all my students for being great learners and thank you to Parents for the great support with the remote learning.

See you all soon on screen!