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Sports day 2020 

Date  …Friday January 17th

Time … 8-00am -9-40am.

Where…   We will start off in the New Sports Hall


P.E. Adventure Challenge Exploration

The students found creative ways to explore the new Grade school playground.



Term 2/ Weeks 1 to 6

 We will focus on..

1   Speed, agility and change of direction


3   Spatial Awareness


5     Predicting movements

6    Skills

7    Positioning


    Gaining and maintaining possession

10   Sending and Receiving

We will also be preparing for sports day by practicing the various events the students will be performing on the day.


The students will also be focusing on developing their individual skills through rotation and skill based activities.

Teamwork is an important area of all units as many of the activities and games will be either small group or team based. Every student has a strength, social or physical, that can contribute to the operation of a successful group or team.

During this period the students will be focusing on outdoor activities which will focus on….

What skill sets are required for different outdoor games and activities.

2  How these skills are applied to  outdoor games and activities.

3  How we can improve our skill sets by using others in our class to assist us in reaching our goals.

4  Identifying our strengths and weaknesses are and how to improve them.

How an effective group can accomplish more than a set of individuals  in small group or team games.

How an effective group can capitalize on the strengths of it’s individual members.

7   The students will explore a variety of track and field events including some throwing, jumping and running activities.


The students display all of the IB learner attributes and attitudes to some degree  while participating in P.E. lessons.

profile words attitudes pyp

Our focus during our first 2 units this year will be having the students looking at how…..

1 To be effective communicators, using both verbal and non verbal communication.

2 To be Principled  when participating in activities and games, playing fairly and understanding the rules of games.

3 To be Knowledgeable and applying what they have learned through teaching others .

Below are some of the Attitudes we will focus on during Term 1






important sports dates coming up


The students will work on streamline gliding and strokes.

2  The students will work on floating and an unsupported front float.

The students will work on relaxed breathing while floating and attempting strokes.

4  The students will participate in a variety of relay activities to practice their floating, freestyle and breathing.

The students will work on the speed of their freestyle swimming while sustaining their breathing, kicking and stroke technique.

6 The students will be participate  in swimming for distance which will increase their stamina and endurance.

water bottles

Please bring a water bottle to school.

It is important to keep hydrated during P.E. lessons!