G3 Swimming


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IB Learner Profile and Attitudes

profile words attitudes pyp

Our focus during our first 2 units this year will be having the students learning at how…..

1 To be effective communicators, using both verbal and non verbal communication.

2 To be Principled  when participating in activities and games, playing fairly and understanding the rules of games.

3 To be Knowledgeable and applying what they have learned through teaching others .




Some of the Attitudes we will focus on during swimming are displayed below….






Swimming Modules


Our first Swimming modules will be…

1  Water Confidence and submersion

2  Breathing control, floating and gliding

3  Kicking and swimming strokes.


Please ensure that swimming suits, goggles, caps and towels are named.

The students will work on streamline gliding and strokes.

2  The students will work on floating and an unsupported front float.

The students will work on relaxed breathing while floating and attempting strokes.

4  The students will participate in a variety of relay activities to practice their floating, freestyle and breathing.

The students will work on the speed of their freestyle swimming while sustaining their breathing, kicking and stroke technique.

6 The students will be participate  in swimming for distance which will increase their stamina and endurance.