Ririka, CO’14, Nod, CO’15, and Pranav, CO’16 Reunite!

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It’s always great to see our alumni get together! Ririka CO’14 studies in Japan, but was on an exchange in Singapore. Great to see her meeting up with Nod CO’15 and Pranav CO’16! Glad to see that everyone is doing so well!

Ririka, Nod and Pranav

Update about Saniya, Class of 2016

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Saniya and Rob

Saniya More recently visited KIS while on break from university. She took advantage of a study abroad in London program offered through Syracuse University. It was great to see her back at KIS to see her former teachers and old friends. Here’s her updates on what she has been up to recently:

This year, I did a semester abroad in London. It was a phenomenal experience, the perfect mix of academics, work and travel. During my time in London, I took classes at the Syracuse London center, interned at a media company and got to see the world. Apart from that, I am now starting my third year of university, wondering where all the time flew. This year, I’ll be Vice President of the Society of Professional Journalists, work on my honors capstone project and continue working on my non-profit, Aboli Foundation. It’s going to be a great semester!

It’s always great to see our alumni returning to KIS to say hello. If you’re in town, please let us know!

Interview with Sangam Malani

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Alumni Update with Sangam Malani


I recently got the chance to interview Sangam Malani who is finishing up her 5th year at medical school.

We just learned that you are now a doctor, congratulations! What is your doctorate degree in, and what university did you graduate from?

I’ve graduated with an MbCHb; Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery from the University of Sheffield. 

When did you first know that you wanted to go into this field?

I’ve been inspired by my teachers. I’ve always had great biology and chemistry teachers and they had a knack for bringing the subjects to life! They showed me the magic in science and introduced me to the mysteries of the human body. Since then, I’ve just wanted to find out more! 

My enthusiasm to learn coupled with my desire to serve people and improve communities, made medicine the ideal field for me!


Were there times when you thought you couldn’t do it? Please explain.

Yes. It was very tough, with first year being the toughest. From a class of 24 in school, I went to a class of 240 in university, that had the best and brightest students. That first year was quite challenging. I was on the verge of giving up, but my family didn’t let me. They encouraged me and by fourth year, I was in the top 10%. Hard work and dedication made a difference, but the biggest difference was the move from external to internal validation; when I stopped trying to become better than others, and instead, tried becoming the best version of myself.

I’m sure it was quite difficult. What are your future aspirations?

As things stand, I am leaning towards academic medicine, more specifically in Neurology. This would allow me to pursue research and medicine side by side. My wider aspirations include working in Public Health, with organizations like WHO to shape, coordinate and implement health care policies internationally.

Do you have any words of advice for current students at KIS that might want to become a doctor?

My advice would be to show your interest in medicine early on. Be it through internships or volunteer work. Follow science journals and keep up to date with the latest advances in medicine. It will set you apart.

Medicine is a lifelong journey of study, research and discovery. It is extremely tough but immensely rewarding! I wish all those aspiring to be doctors, all the best! We need you. 

Thank you for your time, Sangnam! We wish you the best of luck, and please stop by and visit when you’re back in Bangkok.


Update about Manit, Class of 2013

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Manit, reporting from the University of Manchester, lets us know that he has been accepted into the Accelerate Me scheme which supports start up businesses with a grant. For him to win the full grant he needs to reach 200 registrations on his websitehttp://www.theimpactcases.com/ Please support him by registering on his website, sharing his Facebook page and following his twitter feed (@nowimpact) . This is what Manit says about his business: “Our business idea deals with two issues. In the short term, the problem we want to solve is the lack of thin elegant, sleek and relatively affordable iPhone cases that follow the philosophy of Apple that so many customers appreciate. Additionally a significant percentage of our profits will be donated to various causes – depending on the colour of the product. In the long term, we want to build a strong brand recognised as a trusted platform for donations. Building strong relationships with charities, we want people to know that buying a product with the “Impact” logo will ensure that the donation is made in the most transparent way possible.”

Impact the world around you with our meticulously crafted iPhone cases. Extremely thin, bold potential – helping the cause of your choice.

Small Business: 212 like this

Reunions #1

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During the holidays most graduating classes will meet up to having reunion lunches, dinners or trips. Here are some that were shared by Alumni.


Class of 2010 & 2011 – Kanchanaburi



*click on image to see larger version*


The Class of 2010 and a couple students from Class of 2011 went on a road trip reunion just outside of Kanachanaburi. They went for 5 days and 4 nights where they went sightseeing to a small town on the boarder of Myanmar and Thailand, hot springs, caves, bridges and beautiful mountain views.



Class of 2013 – Lunch and Dinner

co'13 reunion x-mas

co'13 reunion summer

*click on image to see larger version*

Class of 2013 have had two mini-reunions, first was back in Christmas 2013 (first picture) where they went to Coca at Siam Square. This was the first reunion since graduating. The last summer they met up at Rabbit in the Kitchen at Siam Square after all of them had completed their first year of university.

Class of 2011 (Banki and Ishan)

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BankiI’m currently in the Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University. My courses focus mainly of humanities, history, literature, and language, in order. I’m looking for a scholarship to continue my studies but in the field of Political Science somewhere in Europe. If you like the idea of exploring about human societies and how they work consider Arts Chula as one of your choices for uni na ka.



Ishan 1

I am attending the University of Manchester and I am studying International Business, Finance and Economics. I am currently completing my 2nd year of undergraduate studies on a 3 year course. After graduation, I am interested in working in the finance industry in areas such as investment banking and asset management.

Ishan 2Living independently and studying abroad has taught me to take ownership of the big decisions in my life. While university is an important step in our careers, it is important to realise that we can never predict the future so there’s no point getting overwhelmed about university, or whatever else may lay ahead. I would simply advise current DP students to be honest with themselves when it comes to identifying reasons for wanting to study a particular course/field. It is essential your motivations are clear and then you need to back yourself when making applications.

Manchester University by Manit (Class of 2013)

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Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 9.13.35 PM

 Im just about to finish my first year here at the University of Manchester and I have enjoyed every single bit of it. Settling in was very easy as there were 2nd and 3rd year students all around the campus to assist new students like me in getting started and making new friends was the best part of it. Because Manchester is a diverse and multicultural city, I have met several students from different countries with different cultures and beliefs, which refined my social and networking experience. The University is right at the heart of the vibrant city so there are plenty of things to do and see. Manchester is known to have one of the most busiest bus routes making it very easy and cheap to travel around the city. Manchester is also very student friendly offering discounts in restaurants, cinemas, football matches and malls.

Studying at the University of Manchester consists of going to lectures, attending seminars and workshops and obviously doing homework and attending exams. Travelling to the different buildings around campus is very convenient and the university is very modern and has several libraries and study spaces known as the
Learning Commons’, which is considered to be the best place to study. I find that the university is equipped with facilities that allow students like me discover how and where I would like to study. Making friends in your course is very beneficial because you end up having to work together in group projects and in different assignments/exam prep and at the end of the day you get to network with them.

10295427_491397944295303_3085201536676558713_o-3Besides studying and exploring the city, you also have the chance to get involved with the University. There are several societies to be part of and the society that I have joined and become a committee member (PR/Marketing) of is the Bright Futures Society that has a purpose of connecting employers to students. We find and bring employers seeking students for job opportunities to the campus so that students can ask questions and apply for jobs or internships. Furthermore I have also applied to become the student ambassador of the university, which will require me to represent the University during orientation week or if there are any other university events. Besides the societies I have become part of, there are several societies that the University offers to enhance your student experience.



I find that coming to University has definitely tested my time management and independent skills. Coming to university also tests your ability to manage your studylife with your sociallife and I believe that the University of Manchester has allowed me to do so because of the city itself and because of all the societies and activities that the university provides. Football is part of the culture here and especially if you are in Manchester you are likely to be involved in a conversation about football more than once a day. Watching football matches at Old Trafford and at The Etihad stadium is a great experience and is recommended even if you arent into football as well.

The University of Manchester also has a stage for live music and gigs called Manchester Academyand several bands and artists have come to perform here such as Asking Alexandria, Tonight Alive, Franz Ferdinandand One Republic. Furthermore there are several sporting activities that you can do here at the University such as Football, Basketball and all the major sports out there. I myself play football for my halls of residence and we compete against other halls of residences. Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 9.13.11 PMLastly, coming to Manchester provides you with an opportunity to travel all around UK and Europe because it is easy to travel my train from one place to another and I will be travelling just before I head back to Thailand for summer.

Overall my life here so far Manchester has been continuously exciting. My advice for you is to research and visit your shortlisted Universities (if you can) because I found doing that to be very helpful and beneficial. Study hard! make sure you get your grades and once you step foot in University for the first time, be open minded and accepting because that is how you end up making friends that last a life time. Lastly, remember to make the most of your student life and continue to work hard to get that degree and job!

Become a part of KIS!

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Mr Pat has been working on creating a “Legacy Wall” with tiles created by graduated students. Students will get a small porcelain tile that they can put a message on, that will then be glazed and stuck to a designated wall of the school. Some graduates have already done this and he would like to invite those who haven’t. Simply make an appointment with him, one day’s notice is required, and you will be able to write your message on your own tile! Please ensure that it is during a school day when Mr Pat will be in.

Manchester by Beam (Class of 2013)

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PastedGraphic-4First seven months in Manchester for me has been nothing short of fantastic. It is a great student city with so many things to do. The university, Manchester Metropolitan University, so far has given me great experience in terms of making new friends and living life as a university student. The main positive things about MMU is that the people here are very outgoing.
Conversation starters such as music and sports will help you get more friends around here. The lectures here are in good quality and coherent. Also, the amount of assignments here are limited but it makes these assignments very important for your end-of-year marks. The schedule here in MMU are also amazing as they are very limited with only 12 hours of class per week. Students can learn to manage their time on independent studies, and also for us to travel around!
PastedGraphic-1My advices for you for studying in university is to take risks, talk to people around you and by the time you know it they will become your friends. It’s always nice to know people in your class if you needed help from them on assignments or for group assignments and studying, or to suffer with you in class!  Also don’t be afraid to ask questions in a lecture, tutorial or even send an email to your teachers. They are willing to answer any queries you might have. Attend all your lectures and tutorials to get the most out of it and remember to have self-control to manage your independent  studies to keep up with the curriculum and able to ace the exams.
Now as MMU has a very light schedule, it gives us time to do other things apart from going to class and independent studying. Manchester is one of the biggest cities in the United Kingdom so there are so many things to do here. The biggest thing in Manchester is probably football and that you should go watch a match, either Manchester United or Manchester City. Manchester also is a place to be for concerts and there are many headliners coming to the city such as Katy Perry, Maroon 5 and Ellie Goulding.
You can also go to London for these events as I went to see Taylor Swift in February. Travelling to other cities in the United Kingdom is a lot easier than you think. Train goes everywhere here! There are also various museums to visit as well which are Manchester Museum (free of charge) and if you’re fanatic football fans like me, visit the National Football Museum and the teams stadium and museum tour. Restaurants here in Manchester are amazing. There are all kinds of cuisines here, prices will differ from their quality. My recommendation other than eating in local pubs are to try Jamie Oliver’s restaurant: Jamie’s Italian and Rio Ferdinand’s Italian restaurant: Rosso. Prices are reasonable for special occasions.
PastedGraphic-5My advice for you moving abroad, wherever you are, is to ask your local friends about things to do in the city. Hopefully they will help you out. Of course you can do your research before going there as well. Also moving abroad to countries like United States, United Kingdom or Australia can give you many opportunities for entertainment events such as sporting events, concerts and musicals. If you have a chance to see them, go for it! Because it is quite difficult to see them in Thailand. Plus tickets for concerts are somewhat cheaper in some cases! I also recommend that you live on self-catered halls/apartments so that  you can explore the restaurants around your city. If you’re on a limited budget then learn to cook. I mixed the two and it works out alright. It is also advisable to take day trips to cities around you during your free time so explore new cultures, and of course, taking a break from hard studying. Lastly, have fun! It’s three or four years you’re never gonna get back, so make the most of it!

Welcome to Gonzaga! by Putter (Class of 2012)

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Hello from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington, USA

_MG_5824 - CopyHaving graduated from KIS in 2012, I am now a 2nd year student (Class of 2016) at Gonzaga University studying Biology with a Research Concentration. At the end of my four years here I hope to attain the Bachelor of Science and become a marine biologist or teach in a university somewhere close to the ocean in the future.

Gonzaga is a small private Jesuit university located in Spokane, Washington. The Jesuits are members of the Society of Jesus, which is a Christian male congregation of the Roman Catholic Church. The things I like about Gonzaga is indeed the Jesuit philosophy that emphasize the development of the mind, body, and spirit. Similar to the IB, Gonzaga wants all their student to develop as men and women for others with strong academic capabilities and well rounded-ness in aspects other than academics.

_MG_5240Gonzaga place high importance in social justice and the student body are always engaged in different communities to improve their situations through volunteering programs and mission trips. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in. Some examples include student government, club sports, cultural organizations, residence life, intramural sports, Model United Nations, and much more.

Perhaps one of the most important benefit for going to a smaller university is the small class sizes between 10-50 students per professor, there is never a class with more than 50 students. This way, you get to know your professors personally and allow you to form a strong relationship with them which can help you with jobs and internships in the future. Gonzaga has around 4000 undergraduate students which is a very good size because you can easily recognize faces as you walk to and from class. The small campus size also makes it very easy to walk from your residence halls to classes and dining halls without ever needing any vehicle.


Academics apart, Gonzaga boast very strong school spirit around our Men’s NCAA Division I basketball games. The Gonzaga Bulldogs have been ranked in the 25 best basketball program in the US consistently in the last 15 years. On game days, our campus is filled with school spirit and it is not uncommon to see students line up ten hours before the game to  ready to cheer on the Zags. The McCarthey Athletic Center (“The Kennel”) has 1,200 seats designated for the student section that is filled every home game. Students can attend all athletic events for free (included in tuition).

The only downside of being at Gonzaga is that the weather can be very cold with temperature in the winter commonly below freezing from December to March. However, the people here keeps you warm on heavy snow days (it’s actually not that bad!).

_MG_5861An advice I would give to any KIS student is to choose a university that accepts IB credits (granted that you score high enough in your HL courses) because these credits give you an advantage in registration for classes here at GU. I was able to transfer 16 credits from IB and am able to register for classes two days before any other students in my class who has no credits coming in to university. If you already got accepted by the university, concentrate on getting good scores in your HL classes because they matter much more than the SL since only HL courses can count towards your credit! Also, make sure that you are well-rounded and have an open-mind because there are so many new things you can do here!

Best of luck and I will always be one of the Wolves at heart! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Gonzaga University or studying biology!


Go Zags!

Sarin Tiatragul (Putter)

KIS Class of 2012

IB HL: Biology, Chemistry, and Spanish B / SL: Environmental Systems & Societies, Mathematics, English A1)