Manchester by Beam (Class of 2013)

Posted by Sam on May 12, 2014
PastedGraphic-4First seven months in Manchester for me has been nothing short of fantastic. It is a great student city with so many things to do. The university, Manchester Metropolitan University, so far has given me great experience in terms of making new friends and living life as a university student. The main positive things about MMU is that the people here are very outgoing.
Conversation starters such as music and sports will help you get more friends around here. The lectures here are in good quality and coherent. Also, the amount of assignments here are limited but it makes these assignments very important for your end-of-year marks. The schedule here in MMU are also amazing as they are very limited with only 12 hours of class per week. Students can learn to manage their time on independent studies, and also for us to travel around!
PastedGraphic-1My advices for you for studying in university is to take risks, talk to people around you and by the time you know it they will become your friends. It’s always nice to know people in your class if you needed help from them on assignments or for group assignments and studying, or to suffer with you in class!  Also don’t be afraid to ask questions in a lecture, tutorial or even send an email to your teachers. They are willing to answer any queries you might have. Attend all your lectures and tutorials to get the most out of it and remember to have self-control to manage your independent  studies to keep up with the curriculum and able to ace the exams.
Now as MMU has a very light schedule, it gives us time to do other things apart from going to class and independent studying. Manchester is one of the biggest cities in the United Kingdom so there are so many things to do here. The biggest thing in Manchester is probably football and that you should go watch a match, either Manchester United or Manchester City. Manchester also is a place to be for concerts and there are many headliners coming to the city such as Katy Perry, Maroon 5 and Ellie Goulding.
You can also go to London for these events as I went to see Taylor Swift in February. Travelling to other cities in the United Kingdom is a lot easier than you think. Train goes everywhere here! There are also various museums to visit as well which are Manchester Museum (free of charge) and if you’re fanatic football fans like me, visit the National Football Museum and the teams stadium and museum tour. Restaurants here in Manchester are amazing. There are all kinds of cuisines here, prices will differ from their quality. My recommendation other than eating in local pubs are to try Jamie Oliver’s restaurant: Jamie’s Italian and Rio Ferdinand’s Italian restaurant: Rosso. Prices are reasonable for special occasions.
PastedGraphic-5My advice for you moving abroad, wherever you are, is to ask your local friends about things to do in the city. Hopefully they will help you out. Of course you can do your research before going there as well. Also moving abroad to countries like United States, United Kingdom or Australia can give you many opportunities for entertainment events such as sporting events, concerts and musicals. If you have a chance to see them, go for it! Because it is quite difficult to see them in Thailand. Plus tickets for concerts are somewhat cheaper in some cases! I also recommend that you live on self-catered halls/apartments so that  you can explore the restaurants around your city. If you’re on a limited budget then learn to cook. I mixed the two and it works out alright. It is also advisable to take day trips to cities around you during your free time so explore new cultures, and of course, taking a break from hard studying. Lastly, have fun! It’s three or four years you’re never gonna get back, so make the most of it!

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