Manchester University by Manit (Class of 2013)

Posted by Sam on May 16, 2014

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 Im just about to finish my first year here at the University of Manchester and I have enjoyed every single bit of it. Settling in was very easy as there were 2nd and 3rd year students all around the campus to assist new students like me in getting started and making new friends was the best part of it. Because Manchester is a diverse and multicultural city, I have met several students from different countries with different cultures and beliefs, which refined my social and networking experience. The University is right at the heart of the vibrant city so there are plenty of things to do and see. Manchester is known to have one of the most busiest bus routes making it very easy and cheap to travel around the city. Manchester is also very student friendly offering discounts in restaurants, cinemas, football matches and malls.

Studying at the University of Manchester consists of going to lectures, attending seminars and workshops and obviously doing homework and attending exams. Travelling to the different buildings around campus is very convenient and the university is very modern and has several libraries and study spaces known as the
Learning Commons’, which is considered to be the best place to study. I find that the university is equipped with facilities that allow students like me discover how and where I would like to study. Making friends in your course is very beneficial because you end up having to work together in group projects and in different assignments/exam prep and at the end of the day you get to network with them.

10295427_491397944295303_3085201536676558713_o-3Besides studying and exploring the city, you also have the chance to get involved with the University. There are several societies to be part of and the society that I have joined and become a committee member (PR/Marketing) of is the Bright Futures Society that has a purpose of connecting employers to students. We find and bring employers seeking students for job opportunities to the campus so that students can ask questions and apply for jobs or internships. Furthermore I have also applied to become the student ambassador of the university, which will require me to represent the University during orientation week or if there are any other university events. Besides the societies I have become part of, there are several societies that the University offers to enhance your student experience.



I find that coming to University has definitely tested my time management and independent skills. Coming to university also tests your ability to manage your studylife with your sociallife and I believe that the University of Manchester has allowed me to do so because of the city itself and because of all the societies and activities that the university provides. Football is part of the culture here and especially if you are in Manchester you are likely to be involved in a conversation about football more than once a day. Watching football matches at Old Trafford and at The Etihad stadium is a great experience and is recommended even if you arent into football as well.

The University of Manchester also has a stage for live music and gigs called Manchester Academyand several bands and artists have come to perform here such as Asking Alexandria, Tonight Alive, Franz Ferdinandand One Republic. Furthermore there are several sporting activities that you can do here at the University such as Football, Basketball and all the major sports out there. I myself play football for my halls of residence and we compete against other halls of residences. Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 9.13.11 PMLastly, coming to Manchester provides you with an opportunity to travel all around UK and Europe because it is easy to travel my train from one place to another and I will be travelling just before I head back to Thailand for summer.

Overall my life here so far Manchester has been continuously exciting. My advice for you is to research and visit your shortlisted Universities (if you can) because I found doing that to be very helpful and beneficial. Study hard! make sure you get your grades and once you step foot in University for the first time, be open minded and accepting because that is how you end up making friends that last a life time. Lastly, remember to make the most of your student life and continue to work hard to get that degree and job!

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