Class of 2011 (Banki and Ishan)

Posted by Sam on May 27, 2014


BankiI’m currently in the Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University. My courses focus mainly of humanities, history, literature, and language, in order. I’m looking for a scholarship to continue my studies but in the field of Political Science somewhere in Europe. If you like the idea of exploring about human societies and how they work consider Arts Chula as one of your choices for uni na ka.



Ishan 1

I am attending the University of Manchester and I am studying International Business, Finance and Economics. I am currently completing my 2nd year of undergraduate studies on a 3 year course. After graduation, I am interested in working in the finance industry in areas such as investment banking and asset management.

Ishan 2Living independently and studying abroad has taught me to take ownership of the big decisions in my life. While university is an important step in our careers, it is important to realise that we can never predict the future so there’s no point getting overwhelmed about university, or whatever else may lay ahead. I would simply advise current DP students to be honest with themselves when it comes to identifying reasons for wanting to study a particular course/field. It is essential your motivations are clear and then you need to back yourself when making applications.

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