Reunions #1

Posted by Sam on September 23, 2014

During the holidays most graduating classes will meet up to having reunion lunches, dinners or trips. Here are some that were shared by Alumni.


Class of 2010 & 2011 – Kanchanaburi



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The Class of 2010 and a couple students from Class of 2011 went on a road trip reunion just outside of Kanachanaburi. They went for 5 days and 4 nights where they went sightseeing to a small town on the boarder of Myanmar and Thailand, hot springs, caves, bridges and beautiful mountain views.



Class of 2013 – Lunch and Dinner

co'13 reunion x-mas

co'13 reunion summer

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Class of 2013 have had two mini-reunions, first was back in Christmas 2013 (first picture) where they went to Coca at Siam Square. This was the first reunion since graduating. The last summer they met up at Rabbit in the Kitchen at Siam Square after all of them had completed their first year of university.

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