Update about Manit, Class of 2013

Posted by linda on November 18, 2014
Manit, reporting from the University of Manchester, lets us know that he has been accepted into the Accelerate Me scheme which supports start up businesses with a grant. For him to win the full grant he needs to reach 200 registrations on his websitehttp://www.theimpactcases.com/ Please support him by registering on his website, sharing his Facebook page and following his twitter feed (@nowimpact) . This is what Manit says about his business: “Our business idea deals with two issues. In the short term, the problem we want to solve is the lack of thin elegant, sleek and relatively affordable iPhone cases that follow the philosophy of Apple that so many customers appreciate. Additionally a significant percentage of our profits will be donated to various causes – depending on the colour of the product. In the long term, we want to build a strong brand recognised as a trusted platform for donations. Building strong relationships with charities, we want people to know that buying a product with the “Impact” logo will ensure that the donation is made in the most transparent way possible.”

Impact the world around you with our meticulously crafted iPhone cases. Extremely thin, bold potential – helping the cause of your choice.

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