Quality Learning Behaviours

KIS Quality Learning Statement:

At KIS we believe that quality learning takes place through the delivery of a rigorous and dynamic international curriculum that develops the knowledge , skills and characteristics that will support students in the pursuit of  their goals and in becoming lifelong learners in an ever changing and diverse global community.

Quality Learning Behaviours:

  • Striving for understanding
  • Nurturing passion in self and others
  • Taking Action ethically

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 KNOWLEDGE: Striving for Understanding:

Our new “Year Long Unit of Inquiry, “Inspiring Individuals” provides the students with opportunities to find out how they learn best, by implementing new strategies, learning new skills, reflecting and understanding themselves as learners. They strive for understanding in each of their units and in the many disciplines and can use their toolkit of strategies and skills to make connections and support them in their learning and make connections.

Teachers have also been doing workshops to develop themselves and their understanding of the many strategies we use at KIS, and how they can support the students in becoming more independent in their learning by taking ownership and reflecting on their next steps of development.

In our parent workshop, Parents were striving for understanding and looking at their role in supporting their child as a learner. This was a great workshop with lots of ideas and understandings developing along the way.



INSPIRATION: Nurturing passion in self and others

We have had lots of opportunities this term to share our passions and encourage others to become involved. Our sports teams are involved in many inter-school activities and our Primary Dancers won both the Primary section and the Over All Dance categories at the “So you think you can dance” inter-school competition, really sharing their passions and talents with the greater school community.

Our young mathematicians have been taking part in inter-school math activities, and our young artists have been sharing their passion for beadwork with the support staff, parents, staff and each other. There have been some excellent pieces made by collaborating as a community.



SPIRIT: Taking ethical Action

We had some guest visitors who shared their talents and made us think about ways we can help. we had one of the rescue team from the Thai Cave disaster come to talk to us about his skills and how he helped with the rescue process. Our guest could not speak English, luckily we have some very talented bilingual students on hand to help us.

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Creating a caring and inclusive community

As a part of our first unit and the KIS spirit, we have done many things to create and encourage community over the course of the first term. We have had several house days and assemblies, coffee meetings, forums and workshops providing and many opportunities for parents to join in the school activities.

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Our Indian parent community shared their culture and celebrations with us, teaching us about Diwali by reading traditional stories in the Library,  by creating Rangoli patterns and designing Henna tattoos with the students.


The Thai department also shared one our Host country festivals, Loy Krathong. The students had fun creating their own Krathongs in class and then being able to take them home to float in the evening.


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