Workshops and Information

 Dear Parents,

We hope you and your child had a fun and engaging week of school, our first full week was very successful as our students and teachers begin their year-long journey together as a classroom community. Just a couple of bits of important information for the upcoming week.

Learning Package Pickups:

Packages will be available for all Primary School parents as a drive-through service, in the main (secondary school) parking lot. Please drive up to the staff and open your window, hand them your paper with your child’s name and return any reading materials at the same time. Thank you

Further details

  • Pick-up is organized for Friday 27th of August, this coming Friday.
  • Pick up will be between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm
  • Returns: Please return any reading materials to school at this time i.e. Library books, reading resources such as class novels ORT and others. Please place in a bag with your child’s name on it (nickname and grade) so we can catalogue their return and put them back into the system.
  • Please keep your child’s whiteboard and stationary
  • Please prepare a scrap of paper  with your child nickname and grade and hand it to the staff so they can give you the correct package (it is sometimes difficult to hear because of  windows, masks, and running engines)
  • Please drive off when you have the new package

Assessment (Grade School 1-5)

We have begun our baseline assessments for reading, math, spelling, and writing.

You can help by providing a learning space that is quiet and has few distractions, encouragement, and support will help too. However, we ask that you do not assist your child in these assessments, it’s fine to get things wrong, this is how we learn and how we know exactly where your child is as a learner. This is how we plan appropriate lessons and learning for your child.

Here is a copy of the letter sent to you from Ms. Tania, our PYP Coordinator.

Assessment Letter

Early Years Workshops

Thank you for your attendance at the series of workshops presented this week for our Early Years’ parents. we hope you found the topics useful and informative. Here are the presentations for you to review, the recordings have been sent to you in the Head of School Letter on Friday, August 20th.


We have postponed our Meeting for this coming Friday 27th, it’s a busy day with picking up packages and our first house day. It is now rescheduled for Friday, September 3rd.

We will continue to develop workshops and forums for you and are currently working on ones for all parents and grade-school specific ones too. Please let us know if there is something you want us to cover in particular.  either contact us directly or let us know through your KISPA representative.

House Day

Our first house day will be this coming Friday, August 27th, we will be selecting our House Captains and doing some fun activities alongside some our regular school activities, house shirts or hose colours will be the order of the day!


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