Information on MAP Tests and Lexile scores

Dear Parents,

Our  MAP testing session for spring 19 will take place between May 13th – 24th 2019.  Students in G3-G5 will participate. The first test of the year gave us a benchmark and data to support where your child is in their math and language learning journeys, this second testwill allow us another data point to review  their progress over the year and assess the programme. We can use the results to support individual students, further develop curriculum and to assist with setting future goals.


Map Tips for Parents

Please do not worry yourselves or stress your children, just remind them to do their best and let them know that their results and efforts will help the teachers plan for their learning. Your children have been practicing in class and are aware of the purpose and expecttions. Below is some further informtion for you regarding the process.  To support your child here are a couple of handy helpful tips:

  • Get a good nights sleep
  • Be at school on time so as not to provide any additional stress
  • Eat a good breakfast
  • Avoid anxiety – Don’t set high expectations or over discuss the process, your child will do their best and that’s what we want to see from them.

Schedule for MAP testing September 19


About MAP testing at KIS

MAP & Lexile measure

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