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Letter to Parent 10_11_2020

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Parent forum Nov, 6 2020

Dear Parents,

If you have any questions relating to today’s forum please feel free to contact me at or Ms Alex at

Resources and additional information can also be found on the Counselors blog.

Thank You


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Friday November 6th

_Parent Forum 61120 for the blog

PS Parent Letter 06112020

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PYP Updates 2020


Parent Forum Nov 6th 2020

Friday, October 16th parent Note

Week at a glance Sept 2020:

  • Please make sure you have set up the contact tracing on your phone and complete daily. This is a Government requirement. Contract Tracing Information, KIS, 20-21 
  • MAP tests for G3-G5 this week and next, these will be taken over a period of 8 days.  Results will be available and shared the week of parent conferences.
  • Please sign up for parent-teacher conferences, Wednesday to Friday in the office, Next week outside the classroom.
  • EY2/3 coffee meetings now set. EY3 Tuesday 22nd Sept, EY3 Wednesday, Sept. 23rd.
  • Dates for upcoming parent workshops and forums can be found here

PS Parent letter September 11 2020

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Back to School Coffee meetings

Dear Parents,

Many thanks to those of you who came to the Grade School Coffee Meetings offered in the past couple of weeks. We are now planning for our Early Year’s events.

Here is the Slide Show shared at the meeting, the grades will post theirs on their individual blogs. Any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Parent BTS slides 20-21


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MAP Assessment Information

MAP Assessment Schedule and Information for G3-G5

For further information regarding the process and how you can support your child please click here.

Schedule for MAP testing FALL 2020

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PS Letter


I’d like to welcome all our new Early Years Families. It’s exciting to see our youngest students starting school and settling into the programme. Please check out the Early Years blogs for more information and updates from the teachers.

Here is the Handbook for New Early Years Parents.

Copy of EY Family Handbook 2020

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KIS School Year 20-21

 Welcome Back

It is great to be back in school, to see the children again, hear their stories and chatter and see them interacting with each other, the teachers and the community.

In order to do this, we have had to accommodate many changes and ministry expectations, introduce many new protocols and ensure our campus is as clean and safe as possible for our students and community. This has meant changes to the schedules, changes to the programme and changes in how we conduct ourselves whilst on campus.

I can not thank you enough for all your support it helping to make this happen. Our soft start was new, the teachers and students were able to familiarize themselves with each other, learn routines and settle back into school in smaller, more intimate groups. Allowing for lots of support.  This was very successful for students and teachers alike, thank you for supporting this.

Programme changes, drop-off and pick-up times and protocols have also gone incredibly smoothly, thanks again to you and the partnerships we have across the school.

The protocols are often hard to remember and even harder to model, but as adults in the school community it is important we all try to set a good example with mask-wearing, sanitizing and social distancing, again, thanks for your support with this.

Copy of KIS Pandemic Response 2020 Final

The Pandemic Handbook above outlines all the protocols that have been put in place following the expectations from the Thai Minsitry of Public Health (MOPH) and the Ministry of Education (MOE) and other organizations and agencies.

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The Holidays are fast approaching……

Dear Parents,

The Holidays are almost upon us, here is the rundown until the end of the year!

Holiday Calendar 2019

Christmas Giving Letter 2019

Last Day for donations Friday 6th December – thank you for your generosity.

Parent Workshop

PF Dec619


















Dear parents,





Dear Parents,

Air quality, or the lack of it, is upon us again. Please find the letter sent this morning by Paul, Head of School to inform of KIS practices. We remain vigilant in checking both the Air Quality and Heat Index throughout the day, every school day. As always your child’s health and safety are of the utmost importance to us.

Air Quality Update

Please find an additional copy of the policy here for your convenience.

Air Quality Policy (1)

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MAP Tests for G3-G5

Dear Parents,

Please find below information about our  Term 1` MAP testing  for G3-G5 students, which will take place over over the next few weeks. I have included a letter and the schedule, further information can be found here……

MAP Testing Letter (September 2019)-


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