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Knowledge Inspiration and Spirit

At our first forum we talked about inspiration and what inspired us, you had many interesting things to say, but the common theme was about your children and school. At the coffee meetings I talked about school spirit. How we need to work in partnership to maintain a strong community and how you can support your children and others in school. We are collecting information about how you can support. If you have a talent, if you are creative, if you’re in a profession that might link to one of the units or if you are passionate about a subject or hobby, let us know. Perhaps you like reading, sharing stories, write or have cultural celebrations and traditions you wish to share. We are interested, as are the students, just let us know and we can add you to our list of parents willing to join in the spirit of KIS.

By clicking on this link you will find a short questionnaire to complete. I thank you in advance for your time.

Mission, vision and core values poster copy

Warm regards, June

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Back to School Coffee Meetings

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your tremendous show of support for you children and for the school, we were really impressed with the turn out for the BTS Coffee meetings. If your were by chance unable to join us here is a copy of the power point presented.

KIS BTS Coffee meeting

Back To School New format

The new time for our Back to School coffee meetings seems to have been a success, please let us know your thoughts by filing in this short questionnaire.

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Thank You For Your Support

Forum Information and Updates

Last week we had our first forum for term three the agenda included MAP testing for this term, Student Led Conferences and sharing information about staffing and classroom space in the Primary School for next academic year.

MAP testing G3-G5 May 8th -26th

The Spring MAP testing is with us again, the students have been reviewing their test taking skills, this can be a bit of an anxious time for students so we have provided some information for you about the tests and how to prepare your child for their tests, schedules and what to expect. Our LAst forum also provided lots of information about online support for test preparations through the Library Website using IXL Math, Tumbletots and the Khan Academy. For further information about the MAP test please click here.

Student Led Conferences May 10th

SLC’s will take place on the 10th of May, next Wednesday. A letter has already been sent to you regarding the details of the day and expectations. This is a great day when students take ownership of their learning and their school and proudly show you their successes and accomplishments. Please click here to read about the expectations and how to best enjoy the day.

Staffing and Classroom changes for 17-18 School Year

A big thank you to all of the parents who came to the First Forum of the year, held last Friday. We really appreciate your support.


I look forward to meeting you over the coming weeks and working with you all over the coming year. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask or send an email to

Meetings, it will be lovely to see you there too.

Here is the PowerPoint shared at the meeting, please let me knoq if you have any additional questions

KIS Parent forum Aug1916-17 FF

Dear Parents,

I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday, the KIS renovations are going really well and I’m sure you will be as excited as I am about the changes. I just wanted to send a couple of reminders before the new term starts and before you start to do your back-to-school shopping as there are a couple of items that I need to be a little more specific about.

Our cubies for back packs are purpose built throughout the school and student bags will need to fit inside them, please, when purchasing a new back-pack for the new school year can you make sure they  are no bigger than the KIS back-packs pictured below.


KIS Backpacks:

  •  Big 30cmx44cmx20cm
  • Small 23cmx36cmx15cm

Back-packs need to be of a size that students can carry themselves, please do not buy bags with wheels or oversized bags that will not fit in the cubies. If your child has after school classes that require additional uniforms and equipment that do not fit in the back-pack please use an additional draw string bag or a separate carrier.

Footwear needs to be safe and students needs to be able to put on and take off their own shoes easily, please avoid footwear that does not have a back and is not secure (i.e. flip flops), shoes that flash or make noises should also be avoided; colors should blend with the uniform or be black.

Please think about ordering your KIS sweater now for the cooler season so as not to be caught out without the proper uniform.

Leggings are not a part of the school uniform or the PE uniform, students can wear socks in uniform colors or if it is a cooler day the girls may wear white or navy tights. Hair accessories should also match the uniform colors. Please read the attached uniform policy for other reminders.

These are just a couple of reminders to help you with your back to school shopping trips, please enjoy the remainder of your holiday. I’m looking forward to seeing you all again in a couple of weeks. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to drop me a line at

Warm regards and many thanks, June

8.1 KIS Uniform Policy 11


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End of the Academic Year – our last forum

Dear Parents,

Last Friday we had our final forum of the year, we discussed the renovations taking place on the fourth floor and the move to a three class entry in the grade school. The plans were shared and we discussed the exciting prospects of the new designs, learning spaces, shared areas and the ultra modern layout of the classrooms. We are all very excited about these changes and can’t wait to see the finished product next term.

We also took a look at the teaching teams for next academic year, they will be as follows:


The Lost and found is now lost and gone, we have placed any left items in the Red Donation boxes, they will be there until the weekend if you need a last minute search.

We only have one week left of school for this term, and it’s as busy as ever, please talk to your classroom teachers about classroom parties, concerts, awards, and other final events. Here is the calendar again as a reminder but please check with the teacher for specific times.

End of year calendar 15

Please visit the Book Fair, summer reading is very important, if you don’t manage to do anything else school related over the holidays please encourage your child to read.

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Final Forum For this Year – Hope to see you there.

Parent Forum May 27 2016

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Dear Parents of G3-G5 students,

Just a reminder that the MAP tests take place over the next two week s between May 16th and May 27th 2016. Please check the schedule for your child’s testing dates and times.


Please remember it is important that your child is prepared for the testing period, please check the schedule to see when your child will be participating in the tests and ensure:

  • They are well rested and have a good night’s sleep the night before
  • They have had a healthy breakfast so they can concentrate and do their best
  • They are at school on time, tests will begin at 8:00, it is important students are in school and ready to start on time

The test results will be shared with you at the parent teacher conferences and are used for three main purposes in the school:

  • To inform teachers, along with other in class assessments, about your child’s learning. The students and teachers conference and use the results to set goals for learning.
  • To inform curriculum, results help us to ensure we are covering the curriculum and can assess and observe for any gaps in learning
  • To show growth over time, student growth can be monitored and observed as they move through the school

Should you wish to do some additional preparation at home with your child you can access some practice materials via the Library page on the KIS website. Both IXL Math and Khan Academy offer support related to the MAP tests. This is by no means a requirement, but the resources are available should you wish to use them.

As mentioned earlier this is one of many assessments that your child will be involved in throughout the year, and will be used to measure growth over the academic year.If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. If you would like to see the schedule please click here….   Warm regards, June

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Healthy snacks and a tidy atrium please

Dear parents,

For the start of term three we are encouraging everyone to bring healthy snacks in reusable containers. We are finding a lot of wasted food and paper at the end of the After School Snack time and would like you to help use see a change, help save the environment and be more more healthy, for further information please read on……

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Mindsets in the classroom


Additional readings and materials can be found regarding the workshop on Mindsets by going to the right hand column and clicking on workshops. Happy reading.


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Artigras is here again

Arts 1Arts 1Arts 1Arts 1

Dear parents

Our Annual Artigras event will be happening again next week with lots of exciting and creative ideas and activities for the students. This is a great way to promote the arts in school and share different genres and cultures with the students.

Please find below our schedule for the week:

Artigras Overview 2016

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Breast Cancer Awareness: Friday October 16th

Breast Cancer Awareness Breast Cancer Awareness

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