Recycling Programme

T3 Letter to Parents




KIS Recycling Programme:

This year we will be starting an organized recycling programme. As well as looking at recycling we will also be looking at how we can reduce our carbon footprint and cut back on wasting our natural resources as well as how we can reuse items. It is important for us as a school to become more environmentally aware and find ways to support our school, local and global environments.

We will begin in the classrooms with energy and recycling monitors and the development of a recycling programme, over time we will look to our school and student environment committees to suggest and support other “green” incentives at KIS, and build this into who we are as a school community.

We ask that you also think about how you can support this by:

    • Sending your child to school with a water bottle
    • Ensuring snacks and packed lunches are sent in reusable containers with little packaging to reduce waste
    • Cutting back on paper cups and plates for our parties and events and recycling those we do use
    • Being aware of the amount of waste we create
    • Using the recycling bins appropriately

BLUE BIN 1The Blue Bins are for plastic and packaging and the Yellow Bins are for paper and, please place your waste in the correct bin located around the school.YELLOW BIN

If we each do a little bit we will see the difference in the waste we create and develop environmentally friendly habits amongst all our community members.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle